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Should He Go Without an Apology?

Posted by Ryan on July 18, 2006

Bush is slated to meet with the NAA”L”CP at their upcoming meeting. Some people may have forgotten the NAALCP’s position on James Byrd, back in the 2000 Election campaign, for which they have never apologized. Bush boycotted the organization (an organization, I believe, that should lose its tax-exempt status because of its overt partisanship) because of this. So, he’s going to tout his achievements just when the media’s ready to show its “Katrina: One Year Later” pieces to smear Bush further as a racist.

Remember this?

It was unfortunate occasion of the Bush-bashing funeral service of Coretta Scott King.

The NAALCP is not going to be any better for Bush. He goes at his own risk. The press will run with the anti-Bush sentiment in the crowd as further evidence that Republicans are racist, especially Bush, just in time for election season.

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