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Go Ahead…Make My Veto!

Posted by Ryan on July 19, 2006

Bush vetoed his first bill today, establishing a record few future Presidents are ever apt to achieve– going roughly 5 1/2 years into one’s administration without vetoing a single bill. Of course, he should have vetoed many crazy spending bills put before him, but he is ideologically and philosophically constrained to all that “new tone” nonsense that has done nothing but harm his presidency. At least he is aware of the “veto” concept now.

The bill is about the government funding the harvesting embryos for their stem cells to appease some well-placed adherents to bunk science. It’s pretty sick, especially given that adult stem cells have actually shown much more promise compared to embryonic stem cells. Maybe in 20 years we might find something that embryonic stem cells actually do. How long will the media and their demagogues continue to deceive people on this issue?
Here are some things I think about on this issue:

  • The private sector is by no means banned from doing its own research and development on embryonic stem cells, so what’s the big deal?
  • Follow the money and find that adult stem cell research is getting most of the funding. Is this just a chance for scientists to grub money from the feds to support their niche-job when the market denies them that opportunity?
  • If embryonic stem cell research is so promising, offering so many benefits, then why do scientists have to beg for funding in the first place?
  • What about morality? These embryos were created, should they just be tossed out if not used? Is that really the only choice? What about “Snowflake Adoption” as an alternative?

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