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Who’s a Neanderthal?

Posted by Ryan on July 20, 2006

Scientists are going to spend two years trying to decode the DNA of homo sapiens neanderthalenis, a close relative of ours. But, we already know a number of things about Neanderthals— they were mostly from France and they went extinct!

True as that may be, they also had a bigger brain than ours, had rudimentary language and a tribal social structure. In a fist fight they could break our backs very easily, but we were taller, faster, and could hum a spear at them from further away– where was their missile defense shield, huh? Given the proximity of sapiens and neanderthal man in parts of France, it’s probable that we even intermarried… there’s that France thing again, but their is evidence that the recessive genes only came out in the generation of De Villepin and Chirac!

I think its neat. We may not learn anything about us in these studies, but I’ve always been interested in the different ways nature thought it was necessary to make a human, being that we were the only ones that have survived. Also, why us? Any theological issues here? We weren’t the strongest, or had been around the longest, but we made it through ice ages, extinction level events in nature, and the Great Society. There has to be something to that!

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