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Buckley Beats On Bush

Posted by Ryan on July 23, 2006

William F. Buckley, Jr., considered the father of modern conservatism by many, just gave an interview (…wait for it…) to CBS. Of course, they focused primarily on Buckley’s view of Bush and Iraq, since Buckley thinks Bush’s legacy on Iraq is fuzzy.

My point is this: just like most Libs, the “paleocons” don’t get it. We are living in a post-9/11 world that is unfamiliar to EVERYONE! Just like those early years of the Cold War where we weren’t entirely sure what to think of the rising Soviet scourge, how to fight them, or what “proxy war” would come to mean in the mid-20th Century. Yet, the Pat Buchanan‘s and the Libs of the world are on the same page here in their hidebound view that America can retreat inward and go back to “normal” as this Post Cold War World Order gives birth painfully around us: a globalized, connected world that must confront radical Islam in a true clash of civilizations.

Buckley reeks of this backward-looking position in the CBS interview. Limited government: cool. Conservative mores and principles guiding us: fine. Isolationism: this ain’t the 1930s, and we saw how that decade turned out when America turned away from world affairs. I think Buckley’s right in criticizing Bush’s non-security domestic agenda, but he sounds like a antiquated relic on international affairs.

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