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The Freedom Concert

Posted by Ryan on July 27, 2006

Last Friday, Gauvin, our friend Chris, and myself went to the Sean Hannity Freedom Concert, sponsored by the Freedom Alliance. The Freedom Alliance, among other things, raises money for a college fund for the children who lost a parent fighting in the War on Terror. It was founded by American hero and all around good guy, Oliver North, a few years ago.

The Freedom Concert took place at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey, to raise money for the Freedom Alliance. Along with the three of us came a wide assortment of conservative-minded people from all over the country who not only support the troops, but support their mission as well. What’s very cool about these kinds of events is that everybody’s on the same page in their belief that not only should we continue to fight the War on Terror, but we should, in fact, win it. Living in NJ, it’s rare that you see a group of 10,000 people in one place who actually like the USA and support the Gold Star families. However, there was one person dressed up like Fidel, but the pictures unfortunately didn’t come out.

Here are a few picts that I took at the show:

The first picture is of the people at the concert, where Sara Evans and Hank Williams Jr. hokeyed the place up for three hours before the fireworks: (I actually heard an authentic “Hee-Haw” by a real person with a Southern accent at a country show… zen…)

The second picture is of the “Great One” Mark Levin, and Tom “The Hammer” Delay having a chat with the crowd while Sean did his show live from the tent: (notice what Mark’s hat says!)

This third picture is of Annie C. Yes, she was this close to me! She even complimented my Club Gitmo gear and had a short conversation with Gauvin about his quoting her in a Law School paper. Very cool. Plus, just for the record, she does NOT look sickly skinny in person. (Those of you in 77 WABC-Land, just behind the pole and in front of the “BC” in WABC is “Flipper“)

A good time was had by all. Standing in a sea of waving flags, hearing Tom Delay, Curtis Sliwa, David Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, Oliver North, Susan Lucci (!?!), and of course, the lovely and gracious Annie C., speaking about true patriotism and winning the war was inspiring and fun.

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