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Yo Quiero Raul!

Posted by Ryan on July 31, 2006

Fidel, everyone’s favorite dictator, had to undergo surgery for “stress” and temporarily reliquished his powers to Raul, the brother of Fidel. Fidel is getting old. Even his younger brother Raul is 75. Is this a sign that the regime’s end could be near? Raul talks a good totalitarian game, but will he play like Castro.

In my opinion Fidel himself is subject to the biggest and most deserved grudges that the US government has probably ever had aginst one individual this long. He has sucked since 1959. Opening Cuba up to American business again will not happen while he is there. Cuba relaxing its oppressive political policies cannot happen while Fidel is there, either. When have totalitarian communist dictators ever been cool?

I just think that when Raul takes over for good (or his successor) Cuba will start to relax. We’ll bring back the casinos, the tourists, the oil companies, and enjoy that warm Caribbean island once again.

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Romney’s Big Dig

Posted by Ryan on July 31, 2006

I picked this story up on Drudge today, and personally think something’s fishy. Over the weekend, Governor Mitt Romney of Massachusetts referred to the Big Dig as a “tar baby” that he didn’t want to go near. His meaning of “tar baby” was a sticky mess he didn’t want to go near. Apparently, “tar baby” is also a derogatory term for blacks that was first (and to my knowledge only) used in the mid 19th Century.

I have never heard the phrase before. I teach American History, work is a very ethnically diverse school, grew up in a part of town that used racial remarks all the time about everyone, and never had I heard of “tar baby.” Granted, I have never read Uncle Remus stories about Brier Rabbit, either. Have I been living under a rock, or is this a way to try to undermine a potentially strong Republican candidate for 2008 in the black community before campaign season even gets rolling? Seems like a stretch to me.

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