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Taking Risks

Posted by Ryan on August 30, 2006

Sometimes you have to take risks. In Iraq, al-Sadr’s militia needs to be taken out if the sectarian violence around Baghdad is to stop. There is great risk to this since such an overt act may embolden those on the sidelines to choose Sadr rather than the new government.

However, homicides in Baghdad are down an estimated 46% from July since the latest security maneuvers on August 7. It’s a good sign, but more needs to be done. I personally believe that the Mahdi Army and al-Sadr’s militias are being funded by Iran. Any chance to foil Iran is a gamble worth taking.

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A Splash of Similarity

Posted by Mike on August 28, 2006

We really do have a lot in common with the UK.


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Is Reuters Fibbing?

Posted by Mike on August 28, 2006

We may need the expertise of Ryan’s brother for this one. Reuters claims that two Israeli missiles struck one of their vehicles. Although not quite calling BS, Powerline doubts the claim. Perhaps a military eye could shed some light on this.

“Photo” from Al-Reuters

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Laffey vs. Wiggum

Posted by Mike on August 28, 2006

I was lucky enough to catch the fourth debate between Cranston Mayor Steve Laffey and incumbent Senator Ralph Wiggum yesterday. I’ll be the first to admit I wasn’t thrilled with Laffey’s performance, but the unintentional comedy out of Senator Chafee was rich. Anchor Rising has some excellent coverage and ongoing debate on the candidates.

According to Chafee, American is a great country because of its social programs. While reminiscing about his days as an illegal immigrant in pre-Harper Canada, Chafee reminded us about his “distinguished” record, his extreme left-wing agenda, and his impressive knowledge of history. On Chafee’s planet, no tax cut is small enough, even those supported by 97 Senators. In addition, nativity scenes at Cranston’s city hall are a bigger threat to America than Syria. He then appeared to either blame the Vietnam war on President Kennedy’s tax cuts.

Chafee fail history? That’s unpossible. It’s time to dump this loser Rhode Island. Elect Laffey.

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Forced Conversions Are So 500 Years Ago

Posted by Mike on August 28, 2006

Yesterday was a day of celebration because Fox News journalists Steve Centanni and Olaf Wiig were freed after being kidnapped by inhuman savages in Gaza. I avoided the issue of their forced conversion to Islam because I didn’t think it was appropriate given the good news. Unfortunately, some conservatives in the blogosphere thought yesterday was a day to condemn the pair because they succumbed to the Islamonazi demands that they convert to Islam at gunpoint. Disgusting.

Growing up Catholic, I always wondered what I would do in a similar situation. I still do. I’d like to think I would find the courage never to deny Jesus Christ. But I can’t say what I would do because I don’t know. Neither do those who condemn Centanni and Wiig. Christian martyrs throughout the centuries are considered courageous because it took unimaginable courage to proclaim their faith while under duress. It isn’t as easy as selecting a brand of ice cream.

Sure it would have been courageous to spit in the face of their captors. I’d like to think that’s what I would do. Hopefully, I’ll never know. However, Centanni and Wiig should not be condemned for their decision, especially on the day their ordeal ended. Those who criticize them must remember they do so from the comforts of their own homes.

That said, this story is another cruel reminder of what we face in the war against terror. It is crucial that we do not forget before the reminders grow too tragic. If these savages want to live in the stone age, I say let’s bomb the back there.

Click this Al Reuters link for the disturbing video of the forced conversion.

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I Take It Back. Olmert Is No Bibi.

Posted by Mike on August 27, 2006

A while back, I expressed pleasant surprise with Ehud Olmert’s decision to take no terrorist prisoners in response to the Hezbollah kidnapping of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. For a couple of weeks, Olmert’s job performance was nothing short of impressive. However, it appears Olmert read some Democrat talking points. He accepted a UN ceasefire and essentially surrendered before finishing the war. I take it back. Olmert is a wimp.

Arguing that former Prime Minister and current opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu failed during his reign (BS), Richard Chesnoff argues that calls for Olmert’s resignation, while justified, are dangerous because of the risk of instability. I disagree. Danger is allowing terrorist organization to invade your territory and kidnap your soldiers. Danger is starting a just war, only to adopt the Democrat policy of surrender. Danger is sending a message to your enemies that any effort to ensure destruction will be mutual.

Benjamin Netanyahu has always been a voice of moral clarity in a troubled region. He has no problem identifying evil, confronting it, and finishing the job by destroying it. Media hatred of Netanyahu also confirms his strength and fitness for office. Olmert is a wimp. It is time for him to go.

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Throwing Her Considerable Weight Behind Lamont

Posted by Mike on August 27, 2006

She Who Must Not Be Named has thrown her support behind almost-certified lunatic Ned Lamont in the Connecticut Senate race. This news is not about Ned Lamont, Joe Lieberman, or even the direction of the Democrat party. It is about She Who Must Not Be Named’s unmatched opportunism.

Prior to the Democrat primary, You Know Who supported Joe Lieberman’s re-election, presumably because he was the “best” candidate. However, it is now clear that the moonbat base of her party is adamant about exclusively supporting candidates who do not support America. With her ambitions affected, She Who Must Not Be Named is now raising money to ensure the election of a candidate who just a few weeks ago, by her own admission, was not the best candidate to represent the people of Connecticut. With the moonbat left watching, she is now howling a different tune.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that this Lady MacBeth retread is a soulless woman who will stop at nothing to win the White House. She is a power-hungry harpy who must be stopped.

WARNING: Link will bring you to the New York Slimes.

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Centanni and Wiig are Free

Posted by Mike on August 27, 2006

FOX News journalist Steve Centanni and his cameraman Olaf Wiig, were freed today after being kidnapped by Islamofascist savages on August 14 in Gaza. Thank God they are physically unharmed.

It is heart wrenching anytime an innocent person is threatened by worthless scum. However, I must confess that this episode was particularly disturbing for me. I am a frequent FOX News viewer and the name Steve Centanni was a name I heard every day even though I never paid much attention to his personality. Maybe the fact the stories Centanni reported were more memorable than his personality is a testament to his skill as a journalist. The behind-the-scenes work of men like Wiig cannot be underestated either.

Today their journalistic talents are irrelevant. Two human beings were just freed from a terrible ordeal. Thankfully this lesson of what we face in this war against Islamofascism didn’t come at the ultimate price.

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Iran Wants to “Talk?”

Posted by Ryan on August 22, 2006

Hmm… Why?

They just scored a victory with Hezbollah, the UN can’t get it together anywhere, and China and Russia are obstructing anything that will give America a leg up or down. Iran should just live it up.

I think they’re planning to “talk” more as they continue to enrich. That way the UN will not feel pressure to actually enforce the previous resolution on Iran, Iran gets to move closer to a nuke, and we wait until the next crisis appears. Rinse and repeat. It’s a smart plan on Iran’s part. Deadly to us, but smart by them.

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Der Appeaser unt Der Displeaser

Posted by Ryan on August 17, 2006

Jimmah Carter said in an interview with the uber-Deutsch Der Spiegel that Amerca and Israel “stand alone” because of our insistence that the terrorists in Hezbollah should be degraded and that their extra-constitutional militia does not trump the democratically elected government of Lebanon and numerous UN Resolutions. Saith Jimmah:

“I don’t think that Israel has any legal or moral justification for their massive bombing of the entire nation of Lebanon. What happened is that Israel is holding almost 10,000 prisoners, so when the militants in Lebanon or in Gaza take one or two soldiers, Israel looks upon this as a justification for an attack on the civilian population of Lebanon and Gaza.”

So, it’s OK to take a military expedition over another country’s border, kill 8 soldiers, and abduct two who may actually be dead in order to achieve one’s political ends, Jimmah? How ’bout Israel’s right to self-defense? Or what about the mandate to enforce clear UN Resolutions that apply to your border? Perhaps, Jimmah’s big plans have finally been revealed: don’t overthrow the Ayatollah with a few well placed bombs back in 1980 in hopes that one day Iran can sponsor a region-wide jihadist movement to debunk Western clout in world affairs. Maybe? Probably not.

It’s either that or Jimmah has clearly taken sides in the War on Terror with America as the bad guy. Read the rest of the article for some proof of this attitude in his responses.

Does it surprise me that Jimmah could take such a knee-jerk reaction to this conflict on the side of Hezbollah rather than Israel? No. It’s just sad that a former US President is a terrorist sympathizer– and clearly part of the appeasement movement. He’s also part of a larger problem that turns many in that region away from clearly viewing this issue without stirring anti-Israeli and anti-American sentiments. Heck, the farmer next door in Zanjan gets his goat run over by a wheelbarrow and chants of “death to America” ring throughout the local mosques for weeks! Now this? It’s sad, but at least he’s consistent. In my view, Jimmah is now firmly ensconced as a certified “Moonbat.”

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So Who Won?

Posted by Ryan on August 14, 2006

In my opinion, like most things that the UN gets its filthy mitts on, no one really wins, despite the rhetoric from both sides. Here’s my point of view:

  1. The kidnapped Israeli soldiers have still not been released, which is kind of important since that’s what started this mess.
  2. Hezbollah thinks they’ve won, so don’t expect them to stop putting themselves directly between Israeli weapons and the Lebanese people now flooding back to their homes.
  3. Cease-fires have historically benefited Israel’s enemies.
  4. UN cease-fires have rarely been enforced (1559 for example–PDF file). Notice the first paragraph for a list of failed UN attempts on this very same border region, dating back to 1978.
  5. It’s been muttered that Iran/Syria/Hezbollah’s plan has been to wear Israel down while ciphening off American influence and pull in the process. No big battlefields, just an annoying perpetual buzz in Israel’s ear.

I can see this cease-fire ending at any point– tomorrow or in a year. But it will end unless the UN can enforce its own resolutions (bang-up job on 1441, by the way), the international community shows resolve, and if someone (read the USA) calls out Iran and Syria on their involvement, creating international pressure for those nations to stop their funding. Bush says Israel won, but with no real lasting peace in front of us right now, I can’t agree.

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Movie Review: World Trade Center

Posted by Ryan on August 12, 2006

Oliver Stone’s World Trade Center opened last Wednesday to good reviews and a decent box office. Having seen United 93, my personal expectations were high for this movie. United 93 was not just a movie–it was a testament, a vigil, a personal experience. It was not entertainment, rather it was purgation.

WTC was not like that, nor was it trying to be. The loosely-based-on-true-events story focuses on two Port Authority cops who were trapped beneath the rubble, their families, and people coming together to do something positive on a day that was so terrible. Essentially, 9/11 was the setting for a personal story about surviving through the most difficult of times. Before seeing it, I’d heard that WTC was not typical Oliver Stone: graphic, politically leftist with a downbeat message design to give us guilt trips (ie: Born on the Fourth of July, Platoon, JFK). I agree. There was nothing partisan in this movie, and its point was to uplift rather than drag us down.

I would recommend any movie that respectfully puts 9/11 back in the forefront of our national consciousness. As we saw just this week, another 9/11 is 20 guys with a grudge, some chemicals, and a plane ticket away. World Trade Center is no United 93 by any stretch, but it is respectful, has a good message, and reminds us how strong we can be in the face of terror.

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Complacency Kills

Posted by Ryan on August 10, 2006

Though in its early stages of development as a story, a major terrorist plot larger than 9/11 has been “thwarted” by British Intelligence. All kinds of liquids, cell phones, and other electronics are being banned from carry-ons both in Britain and here in the USA as a precaution, leading one to wonder about the nature of this very sophisticated plot.

It’s too early to tell the real size and scope of this plot, but as of 9am EDT the Brits have about two dozen people in custody and others may be arrested as the day goes on (it’s only 2pm over there at this point). The War on Terror continues whether we like it or not.

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Other Important Races

Posted by Ryan on August 9, 2006

The Latest from Rasmussen on other interesting races:

Race #1:

Chafee v. Whitehouse
Well, RI’s favorite RINO dunce is losing to Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse by about six points (44-38%) in the latest round of polls. Whitehouse trounces Laffey by 24 percentage points (55-31%). The anecdotal evidence from RI (since I was there last weekend) is that NO ONE I have met or know is going to vote for Chafee in the primaries. Anecdote, sure, but I’d love to see Laffey beat him!

Race #2:
“The Don” v. Fogarty
Rasmussen has Governor “Don” Carcieri tied (43-43%) with Lt. Governor Charles Fogarty for RI governor. I can’t believe this (but at least the Dems finally dumped Myrth!). The Don has done the best any Republican could do in fighting the State legislature’s bloated budgets and tax schemes. He reached near iconic stature after his handling of the Station Night Club fire in 2003 and the article elaborates on how he has kept the P.R. mo’ going ever since.

Race #3:
Menendez v. Kean
New Jersey is nuts. Plain and simple. Menendez is leading Republican challenger Tom Kean, Jr., by six points (44-38%) in the latest polls. The polls also indicated that the economy was the top issue among NJ voters. The budget’s a huge mess, taxes are going up, Corzine broke campaign promises before his inauguration, and the Dems rule every facet of this state right now. Yet, we’re seriously thinking about keeping Menendez, a mindless, race-baiting lapdog, Kool-Aid liberal appointed to serve out Corzine’s seat until this year.
NJ’s starting to sound like RI: we want change, but we’ll vote for the same Democrats anyway and then complain about those horrible Republicans ruining everything. Careful Jersey, careful… I already moved away from one broken state.

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Eating Their Own

Posted by Mike on August 8, 2006

Drudge is reporting that former Star Wars bar customer Ned Lamont has defeated Senator Joe Lieberman in today’s Connecticut Democrat primary. This is a great day for the Republican party but I’m sorry to say it is a sad day for America.

Joe Lieberman supports high taxes, big government, slaughtering the unborn, affirmative action, gun control and every liberal program under the sun. Lieberman’s sin in the church of liberalism? He supports America by not undermining the war effort despite his disagreements with how the war has been conducted. The lunatics truly are running the asylum.

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al Reuters at it Again

Posted by Ryan on August 7, 2006

Funny that our friends at al Reuters news agency have egg on their face at least twice in the last month of fighting between Israel and Hezbollah. Doctored photos should be a great reason for the immediate firing of any independent photographer, yet al Reuters waited until a second doctored photo from the same fellow emerged before stating that they will no longer be taking photos from this guy. Good thinking, fellas.

Here’s the first manipulated pict. Apparently smoke was added (sorry for the size):

Here’s #2. This time, bombs were added–they were actually just flares:

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No Peace in Our Time

Posted by Ryan on August 6, 2006

Lebanon has rejected the UN Draft Resolution that could bring an end to this round of fighting in the Mideast. Funny, because in my opinion, Israel should be the one upset with this Resolution! Hezbollah has 2 Israeli prisoners. Israel has hundreds of Hezbollah’s prisoners. Who started this melee a month ago? Who is being given the better deal today? Again, if you look to the UN for answers, you’re just going to get more appeasement and future conflict. I like the “Limbaugh Doctrine:” Peace through Victory!

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Global Warming… in the 1930s!

Posted by Ryan on August 4, 2006

These links from Drudge are completly worth reposting, since I heard them already on Rush yesterday. In the 1930s temps were the hottest on average we’ve ever noted. 1922 was appraently the hottest year ever, for anybody. I guess we need to revive the ol’ global cooling ice age theory from the 1970s! Fat chance the Libs’ll buy any of that!

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Global Warming – Causing Snow in South Africa

Posted by Sal on August 3, 2006

In the midst of heat waves in much of the U.S, parts of South Africa are going through their first snowstorm in 25 years. In the dubious science of climate change (to which there is little real scientific data, but only lots of hyperbole), how would one explain this?

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The Axis of Evil

Posted by Sal on August 3, 2006

Many people ridiculed Bush 2002 why Bush grouped North Korea with Iran and Iraq in the Axis of Evil. It seemed counter-intuitive. Iraq was a secular Sunni regime with some ties to Al Qaida and an agenda against the U.S. Iran is a Islamo-fascist theocracy with nuclear ambitions. North Korea is a closed-off Marxist-Leninist totalitarian dictatorship. What could the three groups have in common to group them into an Axis? Iraq and Iran were even a stretch, according to these critics, because they were somewhat hostile to each other. But why on earth was North Korea linked, rather than other Arab states such as Libya or Syria?

It appears that President Bush had more foresight than his critics. Both Iran and North Korea have a certain fascist ideology to them, although coming from different points. Just as Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan were allies for their own self-interests, so too does it seem that Iran and North Korea are cooperating. In fact, they are working together on missile technology, including the long-range Taepodong-2 missile.

The storm continues to gather…

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Trouble Brewing

Posted by Ryan on August 2, 2006

Read just below for a sense of the situation the world is in at the present moment. Yet more trouble is brewing as some Islamic leaders in Jerusalem want to prevent Jews from going near the Temple Mount tomorrow. Oh boy…

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1938, Part II

Posted by Sal on August 2, 2006

It feels like 1938 (not that I was there). A grave threat to civilization is on the horizon, threatening the world. The appeasers in the world are shouting “Peace in our time”. Brave leaders are mocked and ridiculed as being out-of-touch and trigger-happy. What the appeasers do not realize is that history is at yet another crossroads, facing another threat. In 1938 it was Nazi fascism. In the latter half of the 20th century, it was Leninist/Stalinist-Marxism. Now, in the 21st century, it is Islamo-fascism. Islamo-fascism and Nazi fascism have different roots, but a very similar ideology. Both hate the Jewish people, and both feel that their ideology is the superior one. In Nazi Germany, it was the so-called Master Race, the Aryan race. In Islamo-fascism, it is the master religion, to which all other religions and ideologies are the infidel. In Nazi Germany, the Germans formed alliances with unlikely allies, such as Imperial Japan. Today, unlikely allies are being formed between Islamo-fascist Iran and the last serious remnants of totalitarian Marxism, North Korea.

What happened in 1938? The appeasers won out. Peace in our time was achieved, for the moment, by the caving into the fascists and giving them part of Czechoslovakia. Within two years, the whole world was at war. The lesson? Radical ideologies that are bent on world domination, either politically or religiously, cannot be appeased. They cannot be dealt with on diplomatic terms. Peace is not a virtue in their minds as it is in ours. That is the weakness of the West. We have made peace at any cost such a virtue that we are blind to the realities of evil men and women around us. A columnist whom I can’t recall at the moment recently said that if peace talks and cease fires were successfully and a measure of peace, the Israel/Palestine area would be the most peaceful place on earth. Cease-fires without a victory over people who do not value peace, such as Hezbollah and Hamas, do nothing but prolong the violence. Cease fires are merely a pause in hostilities while the terrorists re-arm.

Obviously not every German subscribed to the ideology of Hitler. There have been many heroic stories of people within his country doing what they could to save Jewish people, resist Hitler in small ways, and aid the Allied powers. But that didn’t stop the Nazi machine from marching West. There are estimates that about 5% to 10% of the world’s Muslims subscribe to Islamo-fascism. From a percentage standpoint, that seems very small. However, when one considers that there are one billion Muslims in the world, even the low estimate of 5% brings the number of Islamo-fascists to 50 million people. Even if the other 950 million Muslims sit by and do nothing, the 50 million will do their best to destroy any civilization except the radical brand of Islam that they profess.

We are on the cusp of a focal point in history. Iran has thumbed its nose at the UN, vowing to continue uranium enrichment, while at the same time continuing to support Hezbollah in Lebanon. Syria is continuing to supply Hezbollah with arms and is preparing its troops for war. North Korea is becoming more and more dangerous after the almost laughable missile tests and the economic sanctions imposed on the UN, which North Korea says is an act of war. Our choices are to deal with these problems now, use whatever means necessary to neutralize these threats, or deal with the consequences. The lesson of 1938 shows that appeasement is not an option.

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