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Global Warming – Causing Snow in South Africa

Posted by Sal on August 3, 2006

In the midst of heat waves in much of the U.S, parts of South Africa are going through their first snowstorm in 25 years. In the dubious science of climate change (to which there is little real scientific data, but only lots of hyperbole), how would one explain this?


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The Axis of Evil

Posted by Sal on August 3, 2006

Many people ridiculed Bush 2002 why Bush grouped North Korea with Iran and Iraq in the Axis of Evil. It seemed counter-intuitive. Iraq was a secular Sunni regime with some ties to Al Qaida and an agenda against the U.S. Iran is a Islamo-fascist theocracy with nuclear ambitions. North Korea is a closed-off Marxist-Leninist totalitarian dictatorship. What could the three groups have in common to group them into an Axis? Iraq and Iran were even a stretch, according to these critics, because they were somewhat hostile to each other. But why on earth was North Korea linked, rather than other Arab states such as Libya or Syria?

It appears that President Bush had more foresight than his critics. Both Iran and North Korea have a certain fascist ideology to them, although coming from different points. Just as Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan were allies for their own self-interests, so too does it seem that Iran and North Korea are cooperating. In fact, they are working together on missile technology, including the long-range Taepodong-2 missile.

The storm continues to gather…

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