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Other Important Races

Posted by Ryan on August 9, 2006

The Latest from Rasmussen on other interesting races:

Race #1:

Chafee v. Whitehouse
Well, RI’s favorite RINO dunce is losing to Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse by about six points (44-38%) in the latest round of polls. Whitehouse trounces Laffey by 24 percentage points (55-31%). The anecdotal evidence from RI (since I was there last weekend) is that NO ONE I have met or know is going to vote for Chafee in the primaries. Anecdote, sure, but I’d love to see Laffey beat him!

Race #2:
“The Don” v. Fogarty
Rasmussen has Governor “Don” Carcieri tied (43-43%) with Lt. Governor Charles Fogarty for RI governor. I can’t believe this (but at least the Dems finally dumped Myrth!). The Don has done the best any Republican could do in fighting the State legislature’s bloated budgets and tax schemes. He reached near iconic stature after his handling of the Station Night Club fire in 2003 and the article elaborates on how he has kept the P.R. mo’ going ever since.

Race #3:
Menendez v. Kean
New Jersey is nuts. Plain and simple. Menendez is leading Republican challenger Tom Kean, Jr., by six points (44-38%) in the latest polls. The polls also indicated that the economy was the top issue among NJ voters. The budget’s a huge mess, taxes are going up, Corzine broke campaign promises before his inauguration, and the Dems rule every facet of this state right now. Yet, we’re seriously thinking about keeping Menendez, a mindless, race-baiting lapdog, Kool-Aid liberal appointed to serve out Corzine’s seat until this year.
NJ’s starting to sound like RI: we want change, but we’ll vote for the same Democrats anyway and then complain about those horrible Republicans ruining everything. Careful Jersey, careful… I already moved away from one broken state.

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