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Complacency Kills

Posted by Ryan on August 10, 2006

Though in its early stages of development as a story, a major terrorist plot larger than 9/11 has been “thwarted” by British Intelligence. All kinds of liquids, cell phones, and other electronics are being banned from carry-ons both in Britain and here in the USA as a precaution, leading one to wonder about the nature of this very sophisticated plot.

It’s too early to tell the real size and scope of this plot, but as of 9am EDT the Brits have about two dozen people in custody and others may be arrested as the day goes on (it’s only 2pm over there at this point). The War on Terror continues whether we like it or not.

4 Responses to “Complacency Kills”

  1. rightonoz said

    Scary stuff. All flights from here to the US are on extended delay. No laptops, anything on board apart from passports, wallets and presciption drugs.

    There are some very powerful bombs can be made using chemicals that on their own are relatively stable, but when mixed will make a big enough bang to blow a hole in the fuselage. In the right spot at the right height it all over.

    The Pan Am plane that lost the cargo door on it’s way here a few years ago shows it is possible to survive a serious penetration, however there is an extremely high likelyhood of loss of control or structural failure.

    The problem is that it is extremely difficult to identify without chemical analysis.

    Thankfully the Brits caught this one and hopefully will round up everyone else in the chain.

  2. Chris said

    I am incredibly grateful for the good work of British Intelligence in stopping this planned plot. This plan, while similar to Operation Bojinka was more detailed and planned out. These devious barbarians were stopped in their tracks! In addition, a special thanks also deserves to go out to Pakistan for their assistance. It is a great thing they are on our side. While Musharraf is not perfect, he is a friend in the War on Terror.

    So the next time we hear someone like Daniel Patrick Moynihan or Bob ‘Torch’ Torricelli call for the implementation of ridculous legislation to hamper Intelligence gathering, we need to think twice about it and recall that it is the intelligence services that save American lives. We need to tell these ‘Blame America Firster’ senators that the CIA, NSA and all who work in Intel do GOOD things for America and they deserve our support.

  3. rightonoz said

    I have 2 daughters in London who are fairly relaxed about this all, bit of a ‘won’t happen to us’ however as a parent I always have a nagging concern.

    We are lucky the Brits have professional police and intel, though London last year shows that we can never relax and even the best can be blind sided.

    The information released thus far shows these aniumals had some serious technical backing and had the capability to do just as they planned.

    My hat’s off to the agent who infiltrated the group. They would have known that discovery would have meant a certain and unpleasant end. Obviously any great success such as this is the result of co-operation across services and countries.

    My only hope is that the success is such that it knocks them back quite some time for us to learn of the next evil before it strikes.

    Now if I could only convince our girls to return to ‘God’s own country’

  4. Ryan said

    To paraphrase President Bush from today’s radio address: we have to be right every time… they only have to be right once.

    I think that they’ll probably keep it quiet for a while, maybe trying something near the 9/11 anniversary. These guys work in cells, so who knows what another group of 24 has in store. Complacency kills in these cases, so I am very glad that the Brits and our CIA have been vigilent.

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