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Movie Review: World Trade Center

Posted by Ryan on August 12, 2006

Oliver Stone’s World Trade Center opened last Wednesday to good reviews and a decent box office. Having seen United 93, my personal expectations were high for this movie. United 93 was not just a movie–it was a testament, a vigil, a personal experience. It was not entertainment, rather it was purgation.

WTC was not like that, nor was it trying to be. The loosely-based-on-true-events story focuses on two Port Authority cops who were trapped beneath the rubble, their families, and people coming together to do something positive on a day that was so terrible. Essentially, 9/11 was the setting for a personal story about surviving through the most difficult of times. Before seeing it, I’d heard that WTC was not typical Oliver Stone: graphic, politically leftist with a downbeat message design to give us guilt trips (ie: Born on the Fourth of July, Platoon, JFK). I agree. There was nothing partisan in this movie, and its point was to uplift rather than drag us down.

I would recommend any movie that respectfully puts 9/11 back in the forefront of our national consciousness. As we saw just this week, another 9/11 is 20 guys with a grudge, some chemicals, and a plane ticket away. World Trade Center is no United 93 by any stretch, but it is respectful, has a good message, and reminds us how strong we can be in the face of terror.

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