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So Who Won?

Posted by Ryan on August 14, 2006

In my opinion, like most things that the UN gets its filthy mitts on, no one really wins, despite the rhetoric from both sides. Here’s my point of view:

  1. The kidnapped Israeli soldiers have still not been released, which is kind of important since that’s what started this mess.
  2. Hezbollah thinks they’ve won, so don’t expect them to stop putting themselves directly between Israeli weapons and the Lebanese people now flooding back to their homes.
  3. Cease-fires have historically benefited Israel’s enemies.
  4. UN cease-fires have rarely been enforced (1559 for example–PDF file). Notice the first paragraph for a list of failed UN attempts on this very same border region, dating back to 1978.
  5. It’s been muttered that Iran/Syria/Hezbollah’s plan has been to wear Israel down while ciphening off American influence and pull in the process. No big battlefields, just an annoying perpetual buzz in Israel’s ear.

I can see this cease-fire ending at any point– tomorrow or in a year. But it will end unless the UN can enforce its own resolutions (bang-up job on 1441, by the way), the international community shows resolve, and if someone (read the USA) calls out Iran and Syria on their involvement, creating international pressure for those nations to stop their funding. Bush says Israel won, but with no real lasting peace in front of us right now, I can’t agree.

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