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I Take It Back. Olmert Is No Bibi.

Posted by Mike on August 27, 2006

A while back, I expressed pleasant surprise with Ehud Olmert’s decision to take no terrorist prisoners in response to the Hezbollah kidnapping of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. For a couple of weeks, Olmert’s job performance was nothing short of impressive. However, it appears Olmert read some Democrat talking points. He accepted a UN ceasefire and essentially surrendered before finishing the war. I take it back. Olmert is a wimp.

Arguing that former Prime Minister and current opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu failed during his reign (BS), Richard Chesnoff argues that calls for Olmert’s resignation, while justified, are dangerous because of the risk of instability. I disagree. Danger is allowing terrorist organization to invade your territory and kidnap your soldiers. Danger is starting a just war, only to adopt the Democrat policy of surrender. Danger is sending a message to your enemies that any effort to ensure destruction will be mutual.

Benjamin Netanyahu has always been a voice of moral clarity in a troubled region. He has no problem identifying evil, confronting it, and finishing the job by destroying it. Media hatred of Netanyahu also confirms his strength and fitness for office. Olmert is a wimp. It is time for him to go.

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Throwing Her Considerable Weight Behind Lamont

Posted by Mike on August 27, 2006

She Who Must Not Be Named has thrown her support behind almost-certified lunatic Ned Lamont in the Connecticut Senate race. This news is not about Ned Lamont, Joe Lieberman, or even the direction of the Democrat party. It is about She Who Must Not Be Named’s unmatched opportunism.

Prior to the Democrat primary, You Know Who supported Joe Lieberman’s re-election, presumably because he was the “best” candidate. However, it is now clear that the moonbat base of her party is adamant about exclusively supporting candidates who do not support America. With her ambitions affected, She Who Must Not Be Named is now raising money to ensure the election of a candidate who just a few weeks ago, by her own admission, was not the best candidate to represent the people of Connecticut. With the moonbat left watching, she is now howling a different tune.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that this Lady MacBeth retread is a soulless woman who will stop at nothing to win the White House. She is a power-hungry harpy who must be stopped.

WARNING: Link will bring you to the New York Slimes.

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Centanni and Wiig are Free

Posted by Mike on August 27, 2006

FOX News journalist Steve Centanni and his cameraman Olaf Wiig, were freed today after being kidnapped by Islamofascist savages on August 14 in Gaza. Thank God they are physically unharmed.

It is heart wrenching anytime an innocent person is threatened by worthless scum. However, I must confess that this episode was particularly disturbing for me. I am a frequent FOX News viewer and the name Steve Centanni was a name I heard every day even though I never paid much attention to his personality. Maybe the fact the stories Centanni reported were more memorable than his personality is a testament to his skill as a journalist. The behind-the-scenes work of men like Wiig cannot be underestated either.

Today their journalistic talents are irrelevant. Two human beings were just freed from a terrible ordeal. Thankfully this lesson of what we face in this war against Islamofascism didn’t come at the ultimate price.

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