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I Take It Back. Olmert Is No Bibi.

Posted by Mike on August 27, 2006

A while back, I expressed pleasant surprise with Ehud Olmert’s decision to take no terrorist prisoners in response to the Hezbollah kidnapping of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. For a couple of weeks, Olmert’s job performance was nothing short of impressive. However, it appears Olmert read some Democrat talking points. He accepted a UN ceasefire and essentially surrendered before finishing the war. I take it back. Olmert is a wimp.

Arguing that former Prime Minister and current opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu failed during his reign (BS), Richard Chesnoff argues that calls for Olmert’s resignation, while justified, are dangerous because of the risk of instability. I disagree. Danger is allowing terrorist organization to invade your territory and kidnap your soldiers. Danger is starting a just war, only to adopt the Democrat policy of surrender. Danger is sending a message to your enemies that any effort to ensure destruction will be mutual.

Benjamin Netanyahu has always been a voice of moral clarity in a troubled region. He has no problem identifying evil, confronting it, and finishing the job by destroying it. Media hatred of Netanyahu also confirms his strength and fitness for office. Olmert is a wimp. It is time for him to go.

One Response to “I Take It Back. Olmert Is No Bibi.”

  1. Chris said

    I can honestly say that Benjamin Netanyahu was one of the five best prime ministers Israel ever had. As I had said in an earlier comment , American political analysts working for Labor contributed to the shameless trashing of this great man and like all the charges and fallacies the liberals have created against Bush (David Limbaugh successfully debunks each one in his new book Bankrupt ) , the charges proved to be false. I hope the day will soon come again when Netanyahu will lead the people of Israel as Prime Minister.

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