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Hit Piece

Posted by Ryan on September 30, 2006

Bob Woodward’s new book is coming out just in time for the 2006 campaign season, with all the fixings of a hit piece on Bush. Apparently, his first two books weren’t as critical of Bush, so the Dems basically ignored them or found some half-sentence to take out of context so that Bush could be sufficiently bashed. Yet, they love him again, predictably, because of its timely release and its attacks on Rumsfeld, as well as insinuations that Iraq is Vietnam through Kissinger’s advisory role in some White House meetings. With all this liberal excitement you’d think a new Michael Moore movie was coming out. Maybe the libs will queue up to sit next to Woodward at the next convention.

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Great View from the Top

Posted by Ryan on September 27, 2006

The Dow nearly hits its all-time record today. The economy continues to hum along. However…

Alerts have gone out to Dems:

  1. Do not to panic, 40+ days remain to spin
  2. Places where to find the nearest grief counselors are being made available
  3. Really obscure examples to argue that the economy stinks will be provided

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Oh, I Guess we Forgot that Part…

Posted by Ryan on September 26, 2006

It’s now come out that the latest hit piece directed at the Administration’s Iraq War policy was just a cherry-picked sample of a much larger report that the President wants portions of declassified. I hope this backfires– it probably will. However, I expect that the Libs and their media accomplices will have more and more things like this ready to trickle out as the election approaches, like more hit pieces on George Allen, or anyone else targeted by the DNC.

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Go Irish!

Posted by Mike on September 24, 2006

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Well, Duh?!

Posted by Ryan on September 24, 2006

Reports like this bother me because they take logic and real context out of the equation. If you fight a new crime, then the rates of that new crime will temporarily go up. If you fight a decisive-sounding war, then temporarily people will come out of the works, draw lines and choose sides. If you make one side out to be, oh let’s say, a “miserable failure,” you are going to encourage the other side to persevere. Duh.

So, here’s a great quote from Thomas PM Barnett’s book, Blueprint for Action (2005), that further illustrates this point (I bold one obvious point here):

“…So no surprise when the United States takes up the challenge of a global war on terrorism, terrorism goes up in frequency. To expect anything else is not logical. To me, it’s like walking into the office of Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1944 and saying, ‘We’ve been fighting the Japanese and Germans for three years now, and as far as we can see, not only are we fighting more intensely but there seems to be more people fighting on their side!’ In effect we employ the language of war and then judge it in terms of police statistics– as in ‘Crime is going up.'” (page 209)

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The Interview with Chris Wallace

Posted by Ryan on September 24, 2006

Bill Clinton’s unedited interview with Chris Wallace was just aired on Fox a few minutes ago. If you missed it, check it out when it is rerun at 6pm this evening. But, no matter what, you need to witness Clinton’s formal marriage to the Moonbat Fringe (well, we know what he thinks about marriage so all that could change).

Some key points I noticed in the interview:

  • He immediately attacks Chris Wallace for asking questions about whether or not Clinton did enough before 9/11 as if it were such a partisan and ridiculous question to even fathom.
  • He makes Richard Clarke the authority on all things clandestine in the 1980s and 1990s– having never read Clarke’s book, I can only assume Clinton looks good and Bush looks bad for “demoting” Clarke.
  • He belittles Wallace’s “smirk,” Fox’s motives for their connection to Rupert Murdock, and those “people” who emailed questions about Clinton’s action while president.
  • He, on one hand, says he never criticized Bush, then goes on to say that the Administration through Karl Rove sells “fear” every election.
  • Also, he said that if BJ were still president, we’d be looking for Bin Laden with more than 20,000 troops. I suppose that still more than the few hundred special operation forces he would have sent if he had “basing rights” in Uzbekistan after the Cole.
  • He also criticized the Administration for having first eight, then nine, months to deal with Bin Laden while doing nothing. I suppose nine months is still not eight years, though, but what do I know, I’m just a “neocon” for disagreeing with his approach.
  • However, he did admit that he didn’t do enough (he didn’t fail, of course). He didn’t get Bin Laden, but he apparently got closer than “anyone since.” Again, I’m sure that wasn’t a criticism of Bush, because Clinton said he didn’t do such things.

It was truly an amazing interview. He looked like a cornered beast, lashing out with anger. In my opinion, I think his conscience is visibly getting to him.

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Whoa! Who sat on his Bonnet?

Posted by Ryan on September 22, 2006

Guilt. A tough emotion to handle especially if your actions changed the world.

The grieving process has many stages, and Bill Clinton’s is experiencing “anger” in his latest attempt at legacy building through continued deception on his lack of action on UBL. Though all over the Internet, this clip from Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace is worth another post in cyberspace. Clinton’s showing his real emotion–blaming the “right-wingers” who did “not try” for eight full months. My parrot: eight months is not quite eight years last time I checked, Mr. Clinton.

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Dios Mio!

Posted by Ryan on September 20, 2006

Hugo Chavez is crazy. He’s nuts. Now the world knows. He threw around the word “imperialism” more ridiculously than liberals throw out the word “Halliburton” in pure tin-pot dictator style at the UN General Assembly today. Of course, he’s threatening oil blackmail if either his country or Iran is meddled with, which I guess is a step below nuclear blackmail. Given the current climate I’m sure we’ll eventually see what nuclear blackmail looks like. I just can’t wait until Hugo starts building nuclear silos with bombs straight from Iran on America’s doorstep. The Venezuelan Missle Crisis? Doesn’t have a nice ring to it. Crisis in Caracas? Maybe.

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Posted by Ryan on September 18, 2006

While thumbing through the Internet, I encountered a conversation that Rush had on his show today with someone from Fort Bragg, NC. The jist of it dealt with the War on Terror and the problems that some Americans are having dealing with the fact that we are at war with radical Islam. I believe that they are at war with us, obviously, but we’re not taking them as seriously as we should, which will come back to hurt us later.

Their war is a reoccurring theme that I’ve noticed over the past few years, peaking up every now and again, that eerily may one day look a lot like ABC’s “Path to 9/11“:

  • Abu Graib gets dropped into the press by Mary Mapes and a new wave of violence, including Nick Berg’s beheading, pops up throughout the Mideast with anti-American animus a new excuse to spread hate throughout the world.
  • Some urine hits a Koran at Gitmo and people die.
  • The Pope tries to start a conversation and a person dies, while thousands protest as Al Qaida in Iraq calls for the Pope’s death.

This doesn’t seem random, and shouldn’t surprise people when it periodically reoccurs. There is an obvious pattern that needs to be addressed in a more serious way.

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Building Statues

Posted by Ryan on September 18, 2006

Ronaldus Magnus has progressed yet another bound in his legacy of greatness. The Polish are awaiting a statue of our 40th president because of his contribution to the collapse of communism in the former Soviet bloc. I find it neat that people in another country are paying homage to an American President whose tenure some Democrats called “eight years of moral darkness.” I bet the Polish would disagree. I certainly do.

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Drink Drink Drink

Posted by Mike on September 15, 2006

Is this truth or spin? I think it’s a little bit of both.

Bottoms up.

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Pope Benedict Always Gets It Right

Posted by Mike on September 15, 2006

The MSM has proclaimed that Pope Benedict has not mastered the media. Even assuming this point is accurate, they make it sound like a bad thing. As the temporal spiritual leader of the Catholic Church, Pope Benedict’s responsibility is to never deviate from the pursuit of truth. “Mastering the media,” which is nothing more than mediaspeak for gaining their approval, would inevitably require an abandonment of Catholic doctrine.

The media would adore a Pope who neglects his duty to speak out against abortion, euthanasia, experimentation on human embryos, promiscuity, and radical Islam. In a world where evil lurks in the shadows, Pope Benedict did a tremendous service to the world by asking a provacative but necessary question. The rottweiler-turned german shepard is doing just fine.

I just pray that the Arab street doesn’t prove Benedict right with their response.

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Sometimes They Get it Right

Posted by Ryan on September 14, 2006

Amnesty International is complaining about Hezbollah’s own admission of targeting of civilians in this summer’s war with Israel. Duh! Wonder if the UN’s going to go ballistic on this one?

While AI is usually misguided or out of touch in their pronouncements, they sometimes, on accident I’m sure, get it right. Hezbollah committed the real atrocities in that war and should be called on it. AI should spend less time harping on about Gitmo or Israel’s self-defense and more time in the developing world and Mideast where horrible violations of human rights are occurring everyday.

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Kudos to Boston College

Posted by Mike on September 14, 2006

Boston College, a rival of both my alma mater and my law school, is an institution I have little respect for. In fact, I can only remember saying one positive thing about the school in my entire life. Elisabeth rocks and should have won Survivor.

Today, I must offer my second compliment to BC for their decision to reject former Iranian President Mohammad Khatami’s request to lecture on their campus. Moderate by revolutionary theocratic standards, Khatami was nevertheless a dangerous tyrant who supported Hezbollah and other terrorist organizations. Many of our nation’s most elite universities, some of which shun conservative speakers, welcome the tyrant to their campuses. Not Boston College. Good for them.

Go Friars!
Go Irish!

Link via The Corner.

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Ann Richards Passes Away

Posted by Mike on September 14, 2006

Former Texas Governor Ann Richards passed away yesterday at the age of 73. Known for her quick wit and sassy demeanor which screamed Texas, Richards was a thorn in the side for many on the right. During the 1988 Democrat National Convention, she claimed George H.W. Bush was “born with a silver foot in his mouth.”

The Bush family would get their revenge in 1994 when George W. Bush defeated Richards to become Governor of Texas. Bush always respected Richards. This morning the President paid tribute to Richards, proclaiming that “Texas has lost one of its great daughters.” She will be missed.

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Posted by Mike on September 14, 2006

Polling in Rhode Island is extremely difficult. Polls are almost always wrong. I knew better, but I fell for it. My bad.

Lincoln Chafee defeated Steve Laffey Tuesday night, ensuring that the Rhode Island Senate seat will remain in Democrat hands. Elizabeth Dole and the National Republican Senatorial Committee deserve credit for turning out non-Republicans to vote for a non-Republican in the republican primary, assuring votes against everything most Republicans hold dear. At least Chafee opposes filibusters.

I prefer Chafee to Sheldon Whitehouse because Chafee will be one vote in support of a Republican Majority Leader. He also opposes judicial filibusters before he betrays his party by opposing qualified nominees.

Some people are concerned that Chafee might switch parties if held the deciding vote on which party would constitute the majority. These concerns are legitimate given his narcissism, but it probably won’t happen. It is well known that the Democrat hacks in Rhode Island cannot stand Chafee. He wouldn’t be welcome in their party either.

Click here for South Park’s synopsis of this year’s Senate election in Rhode Island.

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Marking Time or Making a Difference

Posted by Ryan on September 12, 2006

Five years after 9/11, terrorists are still trying to attack America. This time the American embassy in Syria was attacked. So are we marking time or just making a difference five years later?

President Bush gave an address marking the fifth anniversary of 9/11 last night. In it he made sure to reiterate that the War on Terror is not just about hitting a few caves with well-placed bombs and claiming victory– it’s about changing the conditions in an area of the world that breeds this kind of hatred. An area with people who have shown global reach when the conditions are not foiled by the forces of good. Bush’s point of view articulates a long-term goal to eventual victory in the War on Terror. He’s trying to make a difference.

Some would rather have us retreat once again into a “Fortress America” isolationism thinking that the problem is too big and that America is not up for the challenge. I don’t want those “can’t-do” people in charge of this country. I may disagree with Bush on immigration and spending, but he’s been steadfast on Iraq and the other dimensions of the War on Terror. Speeches like last night, while not remarkable, do reinforce the idea that I voted for the right guy in 2004.

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ABC Not All Right with Madeline Albright

Posted by Mike on September 8, 2006

Madeline Albright doth protest that the portrayal of her in ABC’s “The Path to 9-11” is not only false, but defamatory. Why shouldn’t we believe her? After all, this woman would never endanger national security.

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Janelle Evicted: Big Brother All-Stars Unofficially Comes to an End

Posted by Mike on September 7, 2006

I love reality television. Although I love all games where people are voted out one by one, Big Brother is my favorite. It’s my guilty pleasure. Earlier this year, Ryan posted on the beginning of Big Brother All-Stars. Although an entertaining show in the U.S., Big Brother usually disappoints with some loser winning it all. With only Mike Boogie and Erika remaining, this year is no exception.

Big Brother All Stars unofficially ended tonight with the eviction of Janelle Pierzina. Janelle, the most entertaining, most attractive, and best player to never win Big Brother finished in an impressive third place for the second consecutive season despite being the number one target from the beginning. With four HOH and five power of veto victories this season, Janelle saved herself week after week and established herself as the all time competition winner in Big Brother history. Despite falling short, it was an impressive run.

Since the show unofficially ended tonight, I did a quick Youtube search for memorable Janelle moments from the last two seasons. Here are some clips of Janelle and the other Jedi mocking Cappy, Janelle winning her first HOH in Season 6 after Kaysar was scumbagged, saying Bye Bye Bitches to J-Blow and Maggie, going off on the Nerd Herd while under the influence, catching food while under the influence in the All-Stars HOH, and finally, evicting Will, the greatest Big Brother player of all time.

Although Janelle was involved in the most memorable moments, other highlights from this season are worth a link. These include bitchy Marcellas in sequester, Chilltown phone calls, Alison’s DR, drunk, desperate Danielle, Big Boy Howie, and Chilltown phone calls.

All-Star reality shows usually disappoint. Despite the final two of Mike Boogie and Erika, this season was better than expected. After all, Janelle beat all the all stars in All-Stars.

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The Clinton Legacy Epitaph?

Posted by Ryan on September 7, 2006

He’s done. It’s out. And the best thing is that it’s not even intentional. The ABC Special “The Path to 9/11” has gotten the Clintonistas in a tizzy. So, they finally have an occasion to freak out over something they are calling false, fictitious and full of lies– much like most of their tenure in Clinton’s Administration. What’s worse is that Tom Kean, chairman of the coveted 9/11 Commission was hired as the film’s paid advisor! Zing!

Rush made a good point on his show today that needs parroting. If ABC pulls the film, they will be seen as in the pocket of the Clintonistas. If they edit the film under pressure, everyone will be demanding to see the “real” version, adding fuel to its legitimacy. If they show it just the way it is, the Clintonistas will continue to freak, ultimately bleeding the debate into this election season– on an issue where Dems do NOT need to look any worse. I love it! I’ll also be watching on ABC Sunday, 8pm.

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Laffey Leading Late

Posted by Mike on September 1, 2006

I’m ashamed to even post this. Growing up in Rhode Island, I know from experience that Rhode Island polls are hopelessly inaccurate. I realize that this is a primary and even more difficult to predict. I realize the sample size is tiny. However, this RIC poll showing Steve Laffey leading Senator Wiggum by 17 points two weeks from the election gives right-thinking people everywhere something to hope for.

If the poll is accurate, a HUGE IF in Rhode Island, Chafee is toast. If the voters of Rhode Island are in fact leaning toward Laffey, he will win the primary because Chafee cannot outcampaign Laffey. Laffey has solidified his Republican base. According to this survey, Laffey is winning over the formerly undecided voters.

Lincoln Chafee is probably unconcerned with this survey, not for any of the above-mentioned reasons, but because he probably doesn’t realize that 51 is greater than 34. After all, we’re talking about the man who tried to blame the Vietnam war on tax cuts. Rhode Island could not do any worse.

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John Batchelor Leaving WABC

Posted by Mike on September 1, 2006

Tonight (Friday) will be the final installment of the John Batchelor Show on WABC. Batchelor hosts one of the most informative programs in media. He began his show on September 12, 2001 and was supposed to remain on the air until Osama Bin Laden was captured or killed. Although he covered a wide range of topics, his Middle East coverage was particularly noteworthy. He was one of the first media personalities to pinpoint the fact that Iran was a threat to global security, often probing with precision into the details of Iranian culture and politics through his extensive network of sources on the ground.

WABC should not have let him get away. However, I’m confident his show will pop up somewhere soon.

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