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Laffey Leading Late

Posted by Mike on September 1, 2006

I’m ashamed to even post this. Growing up in Rhode Island, I know from experience that Rhode Island polls are hopelessly inaccurate. I realize that this is a primary and even more difficult to predict. I realize the sample size is tiny. However, this RIC poll showing Steve Laffey leading Senator Wiggum by 17 points two weeks from the election gives right-thinking people everywhere something to hope for.

If the poll is accurate, a HUGE IF in Rhode Island, Chafee is toast. If the voters of Rhode Island are in fact leaning toward Laffey, he will win the primary because Chafee cannot outcampaign Laffey. Laffey has solidified his Republican base. According to this survey, Laffey is winning over the formerly undecided voters.

Lincoln Chafee is probably unconcerned with this survey, not for any of the above-mentioned reasons, but because he probably doesn’t realize that 51 is greater than 34. After all, we’re talking about the man who tried to blame the Vietnam war on tax cuts. Rhode Island could not do any worse.

3 Responses to “Laffey Leading Late”

  1. Ryan said

    Senator Wiggum is oblivious to much that surrounds him. I’m sure his advisors had to tell him to stay a Republican to avoid a primary fight in RI… Oops.

    Such a poll could have a negative effect on Laffey for a few reasons: slam dunk projections tend to depress voter turnout, the RIC poll could be bunk (having gone to RIC, I beleive the poll could be devious), this will be encouraged by agents of the Whitehouse campaign since Laffey loses big to Whitehouse in other polls, etc.

    I suppose this is just that ol’ Rhode Island Republican optimism formed out of years of lying polls, misleading campaigns and heartbreak. I want to believe it, though!

  2. Gauvin said

    lol so true

  3. […] Polling in Rhode Island is extremely difficult. Polls are almost always wrong. I knew better, but I fell for it. My bad. […]

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