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Janelle Evicted: Big Brother All-Stars Unofficially Comes to an End

Posted by Mike on September 7, 2006

I love reality television. Although I love all games where people are voted out one by one, Big Brother is my favorite. It’s my guilty pleasure. Earlier this year, Ryan posted on the beginning of Big Brother All-Stars. Although an entertaining show in the U.S., Big Brother usually disappoints with some loser winning it all. With only Mike Boogie and Erika remaining, this year is no exception.

Big Brother All Stars unofficially ended tonight with the eviction of Janelle Pierzina. Janelle, the most entertaining, most attractive, and best player to never win Big Brother finished in an impressive third place for the second consecutive season despite being the number one target from the beginning. With four HOH and five power of veto victories this season, Janelle saved herself week after week and established herself as the all time competition winner in Big Brother history. Despite falling short, it was an impressive run.

Since the show unofficially ended tonight, I did a quick Youtube search for memorable Janelle moments from the last two seasons. Here are some clips of Janelle and the other Jedi mocking Cappy, Janelle winning her first HOH in Season 6 after Kaysar was scumbagged, saying Bye Bye Bitches to J-Blow and Maggie, going off on the Nerd Herd while under the influence, catching food while under the influence in the All-Stars HOH, and finally, evicting Will, the greatest Big Brother player of all time.

Although Janelle was involved in the most memorable moments, other highlights from this season are worth a link. These include bitchy Marcellas in sequester, Chilltown phone calls, Alison’s DR, drunk, desperate Danielle, Big Boy Howie, and Chilltown phone calls.

All-Star reality shows usually disappoint. Despite the final two of Mike Boogie and Erika, this season was better than expected. After all, Janelle beat all the all stars in All-Stars.

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The Clinton Legacy Epitaph?

Posted by Ryan on September 7, 2006

He’s done. It’s out. And the best thing is that it’s not even intentional. The ABC Special “The Path to 9/11” has gotten the Clintonistas in a tizzy. So, they finally have an occasion to freak out over something they are calling false, fictitious and full of lies– much like most of their tenure in Clinton’s Administration. What’s worse is that Tom Kean, chairman of the coveted 9/11 Commission was hired as the film’s paid advisor! Zing!

Rush made a good point on his show today that needs parroting. If ABC pulls the film, they will be seen as in the pocket of the Clintonistas. If they edit the film under pressure, everyone will be demanding to see the “real” version, adding fuel to its legitimacy. If they show it just the way it is, the Clintonistas will continue to freak, ultimately bleeding the debate into this election season– on an issue where Dems do NOT need to look any worse. I love it! I’ll also be watching on ABC Sunday, 8pm.

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