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Marking Time or Making a Difference

Posted by Ryan on September 12, 2006

Five years after 9/11, terrorists are still trying to attack America. This time the American embassy in Syria was attacked. So are we marking time or just making a difference five years later?

President Bush gave an address marking the fifth anniversary of 9/11 last night. In it he made sure to reiterate that the War on Terror is not just about hitting a few caves with well-placed bombs and claiming victory– it’s about changing the conditions in an area of the world that breeds this kind of hatred. An area with people who have shown global reach when the conditions are not foiled by the forces of good. Bush’s point of view articulates a long-term goal to eventual victory in the War on Terror. He’s trying to make a difference.

Some would rather have us retreat once again into a “Fortress America” isolationism thinking that the problem is too big and that America is not up for the challenge. I don’t want those “can’t-do” people in charge of this country. I may disagree with Bush on immigration and spending, but he’s been steadfast on Iraq and the other dimensions of the War on Terror. Speeches like last night, while not remarkable, do reinforce the idea that I voted for the right guy in 2004.

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