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Kudos to Boston College

Posted by Mike on September 14, 2006

Boston College, a rival of both my alma mater and my law school, is an institution I have little respect for. In fact, I can only remember saying one positive thing about the school in my entire life. Elisabeth rocks and should have won Survivor.

Today, I must offer my second compliment to BC for their decision to reject former Iranian President Mohammad Khatami’s request to lecture on their campus. Moderate by revolutionary theocratic standards, Khatami was nevertheless a dangerous tyrant who supported Hezbollah and other terrorist organizations. Many of our nation’s most elite universities, some of which shun conservative speakers, welcome the tyrant to their campuses. Not Boston College. Good for them.

Go Friars!
Go Irish!

Link via The Corner.

One Response to “Kudos to Boston College”

  1. Ryan said

    Elisabeth rocks! She had to defend CHristianity the other day against that monster Rosie on the View, who happened to compare radical islamists to fundamentalist Christians.

    But, Ayatollah Khatami should be arrested. That would be a hoot. US authorities should arrest Ahmadinejad and turn him over to the international court for suggesting that Israel should meet its end in a rain of fire… isn’t that inferring an Holocaust of sorts? Are those things uncool? What’s the UN’s position on genocide… oh yeah…

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