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Pope Benedict Always Gets It Right

Posted by Mike on September 15, 2006

The MSM has proclaimed that Pope Benedict has not mastered the media. Even assuming this point is accurate, they make it sound like a bad thing. As the temporal spiritual leader of the Catholic Church, Pope Benedict’s responsibility is to never deviate from the pursuit of truth. “Mastering the media,” which is nothing more than mediaspeak for gaining their approval, would inevitably require an abandonment of Catholic doctrine.

The media would adore a Pope who neglects his duty to speak out against abortion, euthanasia, experimentation on human embryos, promiscuity, and radical Islam. In a world where evil lurks in the shadows, Pope Benedict did a tremendous service to the world by asking a provacative but necessary question. The rottweiler-turned german shepard is doing just fine.

I just pray that the Arab street doesn’t prove Benedict right with their response.

3 Responses to “Pope Benedict Always Gets It Right”

  1. Ryan said

    Crazy things are happening the in heart of the Middle East. Peggy Noonan was on Fox the other day and had some pretty interesting things to say.

    Like her I agree with the idea that the Pope was sparking conversation– not torching effagies, not shooting nuns, not demanding executions of major religious leaders, not fomenting hatred in the streets– but opening a dialogue.

    I think that there is a clash of civilizations already taking place in the world today, but like pre-9/11 terrorism, only one side is admitting that there is a struggle, and just like pre-9/11, it is the other side.

  2. Joel said

    This commentsary got me thinking about some basic underpinnings of societal conflict. Could it be even remotely possible that it is having a foundational belief in any deity that is at the root of many of the societal clashes that have occured through the ages, and that the premise of adopting an opinion that there is a supreme being creator is the thing that needs to change?

    Of course there are many things that are behind the fighting that goes on among us humans, but most of it is ego and power-based. But back to my thought on religion…

    People of faith with whom I have spoken have always attributed negatives to athesitic or agnostic persons for their unimaginable inability to adopt a human-created fiction as the explanation for why we are here. But they also seem to be unaccepting of the belief systems of other religions.

    It seems to me reasonable to think that with religion removed from the equation, a person might be able to think more objectively about big-picture topics that deal with social and personal morals, self-preservation and procreation, lifestyle, security, freedoms, rights, privileges, and fairness.

    That most of us sentient beings feel the need to have a “boss” or higher party be responsible for everything points out to me not that creationism is real, but that the *desire* to adhere to a creationistic paradigm is real. Then, all over the world, mankind finds different details to describe all things associated with this chosen idea, and different rules to obey to prove one’s adherence to these group-think explanations and organizations, and the “My deity is better than your deity” wars commenced and have continued through the millenia. All too often I see people of faith unable or unwilling to be open-minded enough to refrain from imposing their views on those who might not think the same as they do about their faith or lack thereof. One prime example is the revisionist manner in which the Pledge of Allegiance was alterd to add “under God” to it, when its author, a man who believed in God, PURPOSELY did not include those words in the Pledge, for the one and only topic of his Pledge, as he so well understood and tastefully articulated, was COUNTRY, not GOD. Then the lobbyists pressured the Government into infusing God into it, unable to leave well-enough alone. The clash of civilizations (and chosen belief systems) is not always very loud, but is apparent almost anywhere you look.

    Who is right? We each think *we* are. But it is in imposing one’s views on one another where many of mankind’s clashes begin. I don’t know of any Agnostics who have started wars. I’m not saying there aren’t any, just that I don’t know of any.

  3. Ryan said

    Religion forms our worldview, and people have had conflicting worldviews since the dawn of time. Communists, fascists and other totalitarian forms of government have started countless wars of devastating consequence. Religion was replaced by the leader’s personality cult, which essentially served the same purpose. Strong people in power have dictated mores and beliefs since long before Christianity. Maybe their USE of religion as a tool (NOT the religion itself) to promote their power is impactful because religion is so powerful deep down inside us. Do we need to find some kind of higher being to guide our path? Yes. Humanity needs a purpose– it’s wired into our DNA, as seen by the vast numbers of people who embrace it versus the very small numbers who do not across cultures around the world.

    I also believe that you’re argument has a fundamental misunderstanding of our nation’s founding purpose. Our Founders intentionally did not omit God from our nation’s purpose. God, or “nature’s God” in the Declaration of Independence, is the philosophical foundation of our rights. In the 1770s, it was the King that dictated rights in security matters. Our Founders believed that God gives us rights that are natural-born rights of human worth and dignity, beyond those of monarchical dictate. When you take God out of the equation, you no longer have innate rights, but your rights become the dictates of your leaders. There ceases to be “natural rights”, a phrase that predates Cicero. Look at Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia. Without God, your rights are founded upon the dictates of your leaders. That is the danger today in secular America, that is why I love saying the “under God” phrase in the pledge because without God, our rights are not universal, they are imposed by man… and history has shown that it is not only good men that rule nations.

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