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Posted by Ryan on September 18, 2006

While thumbing through the Internet, I encountered a conversation that Rush had on his show today with someone from Fort Bragg, NC. The jist of it dealt with the War on Terror and the problems that some Americans are having dealing with the fact that we are at war with radical Islam. I believe that they are at war with us, obviously, but we’re not taking them as seriously as we should, which will come back to hurt us later.

Their war is a reoccurring theme that I’ve noticed over the past few years, peaking up every now and again, that eerily may one day look a lot like ABC’s “Path to 9/11“:

  • Abu Graib gets dropped into the press by Mary Mapes and a new wave of violence, including Nick Berg’s beheading, pops up throughout the Mideast with anti-American animus a new excuse to spread hate throughout the world.
  • Some urine hits a Koran at Gitmo and people die.
  • The Pope tries to start a conversation and a person dies, while thousands protest as Al Qaida in Iraq calls for the Pope’s death.

This doesn’t seem random, and shouldn’t surprise people when it periodically reoccurs. There is an obvious pattern that needs to be addressed in a more serious way.

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