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Dios Mio!

Posted by Ryan on September 20, 2006

Hugo Chavez is crazy. He’s nuts. Now the world knows. He threw around the word “imperialism” more ridiculously than liberals throw out the word “Halliburton” in pure tin-pot dictator style at the UN General Assembly today. Of course, he’s threatening oil blackmail if either his country or Iran is meddled with, which I guess is a step below nuclear blackmail. Given the current climate I’m sure we’ll eventually see what nuclear blackmail looks like. I just can’t wait until Hugo starts building nuclear silos with bombs straight from Iran on America’s doorstep. The Venezuelan Missle Crisis? Doesn’t have a nice ring to it. Crisis in Caracas? Maybe.

One Response to “Dios Mio!”

  1. Chris said

    I am so sick and tired of these tinhorn terrorist dictators and all their ilk. Like most tinhorn terrorist dictators, Chavez is destroying his country.

    Let’s look at him a little more closely: he attempted to take charge of the government in a 1992 military coup, he has caused large rifts between the social classes (the intellegensia of Venezuela is leaving as the intellegensia of Cuba left when Castro took power), he has tampered with elections, curbed free speech rights and basically turned the daily life of the average Venezeulan into a living hell.

    The best example of his corrupt and inept leadership is the fact that the main road between Caracas and Simon Bolivar Intl Airport had to be closed due to the fact that it’s structurally inefficient. The replacement road is also inefficient and cannot be used 24/7. Now, one must travel through the mountains and the ghettos of Carcas (I have been to Caracas and can attest to the fact that these neighborhoods make the Central Ward of Newark look like a nice suburban NJ town) to get between the city and the airport, adding an additional 1-2 hrs to the trip. Those that are left in Venezuela are either too brainwashed or too afraid to do anything about this guy.

    Chavez fancies himself to a modern day Simon Bolivar….the biggest difference, and nobody in the media will tell you this, is that Bolivar was a great defender of capitalism and admirer of thinkers like Adam Smith. He also admired the US founding fathes and American Revolution. Chavez, on the other hand, supports socialism, big government economic policies such as the Bolivarian Missions , cozies up to other tinhorn terrorists such as Castro and spits in the face of the US (whether or not he is on US Soil).

    Many say he is crazy (which is true) and dismiss his influence, but to be honest, he needs to go and hopefully it will be sooner than later.

    And finally, I will share this very freaky pic of the crazy tinhorn terrorist dictator who has no business setting foot on American soil.

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