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Whoa! Who sat on his Bonnet?

Posted by Ryan on September 22, 2006

Guilt. A tough emotion to handle especially if your actions changed the world.

The grieving process has many stages, and Bill Clinton’s is experiencing “anger” in his latest attempt at legacy building through continued deception on his lack of action on UBL. Though all over the Internet, this clip from Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace is worth another post in cyberspace. Clinton’s showing his real emotion–blaming the “right-wingers” who did “not try” for eight full months. My parrot: eight months is not quite eight years last time I checked, Mr. Clinton.

One Response to “Whoa! Who sat on his Bonnet?”

  1. Gauvin said

    I don’t remember anyone on the right or anywhere else ridiculing Clinton for trying too hard to catch UBL. I think the POS is lying again.

    Wallace struck a nerve, and so soon after ABC did with their film. This trash did nothing to fight terrorism while in power. Your legacy is worthless Bubba and people are finally calling you on it. You better put some ice on that.

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