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Double Standard?

Posted by Ryan on October 2, 2006

Representative Mark Foley should go to jail no matter how much “rehab” he gets if the allegations are true. Recitivism for these kinds of crimes is ridiculously high and the only hope for our youth is to lock up these predators. Unfortunately, this is not the first time that Congress has had to deal with lurid sex scandals, and the Republicans are at least honest about dealing with the problem.

That being said, I understand the outrage coming from members of Congress, including the Dems in this political season, but where were the Dems on these particular issues?

  1. Barney Frank and his affiar with a male prostitute Steve Gobie led to an investigation, a House reprimand, and oddly his subsequent eight reelections and a documentary as a champion of gay rights.
  2. Gerry Studds was sexually involved with a Congressional page who was a minor, but he only got censured because he came out as a homosexual, the first openly gay Congressman. Young Georgia Congressman Newt Gingrich wanted him and a Republican with a similar issue tossed from the chamber, but the Dems had other plans for Studds, who served until 1996.
  3. Bill Clinton… former Arkansas Governor and US President, sexual predator, perjurer, obstructor of investigations, disbarred lawyer, and of course the loyal and devoted husband (ahem). Republicans were picking on him, of course.

Where was the outrage within the Democratic party in these and other cases? I think there is a bit of a double standard here. I hope the Republicans can mute this issue as a “systemic” problem by citing these and other examples.

3 Responses to “Double Standard?”

  1. Jewels said

    I don’t think this should be a Republican/Democrat debated issue. I agree with you that harsh legal measures need to be taken to ensure the safety of children. Bottom line: This is not a partisan issue nor should be. While Clinton and others may have engaged in immoral acts, engaging in such activity with minors is not only disgusting but also illegal.

  2. Salinger said


    I agree with your premise, but take issue with where you take it. It shouldn’t be a Democrat/Republican issue, but it has become one. The Democrats have engaged in attacking the entire political party based on the actions of one individual. Additionally, the actions of Congressman Foley did not involve any sexual contact with a minor, but rather inappropriate IM messages and emails. While this is certainly immoral and disguisting, and possibly illegal, it doesn’t rise to the crime of statutory rape as there was never any physical contact. The problem with the Democrats is that they engage in Double-standards. In the three cases Ryan mentioned:

    1) Massachusett’s own Barney Frank was not only involved with a Gay prostitute (definately illegal) but also had connections to a gay prostitution ring. He is still in congress today.

    2) Congressman Gerry Studs (also a Democrat) actually had an illicit affair with a male page. How was he rewarded? He was censured (a.k.a. slap on the wrist) and he continued to serve in Congress for another 13 years, retired, and earned a full congressional pension.

    3) Clinton, besides being involved in the Lewinsky affair, which was not itself illegal, purjured himself (which is illegal), and has also had allegations of sexual harrassment, rape, and other charges levied at him. The charges in all cases never led to anything because of his purjury and his power as a President.

    In all three cases above, the Democrats engaged in immoral, illicit, and illegal behavior. And all three are heroes to their party, and remain or remained in their offices until retirement. Foley, on the other hand, resigned in discrace, and is now the subject of a criminal probe to determine if there was any legal violation, as well he should be.

    The issue of engaging in immoral acts with minors should not be a political issue. The Democrats, however, have taken this tragedy and turned it into a referendum on the Republican party by calling for Speaker Hastert’s resignation and trying to pin this on the Republicans as a whole. We should focus on the problem and how to make sure it doesn’t happen again rather than trying to take a whole political party down for the horrendous actions of one member.

  3. Ryan said

    Another issue I’ve heard about deals with where these IM’s came from and who was holding onto them.

    We can all agree that Foley’s behavior was disgusting and that he may go to jail (that rehab think only works for forgiving Patches). Yet, if CREW (Citizens for Responsible Ethics in Washington), a left-leaning group, was holding on to these IM’s for months or even years, they have at least as much guilt as any Republican in the leadership may or may not have known about Foley’s behavior.

    Was ABC holding on to these IM’s for an opportune time or did they report on them immediately? If the media cared about the children involved, that would also be a major question. Who’s asked it?

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