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Foleygate: Round 2

Posted by Ryan on October 5, 2006

On the Mark Foley scandal: Matt Drudge has all sort of headlines today that you’re not hearing ANYWHERE else. I feel silly saying this again and again before a “however,” but Mark Foley did resign in disgrace, even his own conscience tells him he did something wrong, and prosecutions may/should still be coming.

However, Drudge has been fueling the idea that this is more than just a simple lurid almost-sex-scandal, but something larger, organized and intentionally promoted by anti-Republican forces. Hmm…

Of course, beyond the wishful thinking that this may go away or possibly even hurt the Dems, I also believe that the Dems and the MSM have done real damage to the GOP and Speaker Hastert by pouncing on this. They’ve taken control of the issue by intentionally blurring the difference between the emails and the IMs as if they were the same thing, and running with that presumption. It’s frustrating, but I like that Hastert’s standing strong, will not resign, and has turned the issue on those who exposed this story in the first place for the purpose of maximum show and political damage.

Maybe sometime soon we can talk once again about the economy, keeping the tax cuts, and winning the War on Terror by being aggressive in this election season. You know, issues where Republicans easily outclass the Dems.

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