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Posted by Ryan on October 10, 2006

Torre’s sticking around! Steinbrenner’s not giving him the ax. I actually heard that firing Torre and replacing him with Piniella was a real, honest-to-goodness joke!

Whereas I do believe in accountability and generally support the standard put forth by the phrase “What have you done for me lately?”, I also think that potentially axing Torre would have been a bit extreme. He did win a number of World Series with them and they have been a perennial playoff team during most of his tenure.

3 Responses to “Buddies”

  1. Gauvin said

    I’m relieved. After everything Torre has done for the organization, he at least deserves the dignity of staying on for the remainder of his contract.

  2. Chris said

    Growing up in NJ, I’ve known many a die-hard Yankee fan, but it has been George Steinbrenner who has prevented me from considering myself die-hard and rooting for the crosstown rival (who really wants to drive all the way out to Flushing to catch a game) or the Phillies.

    George Steinbrenner’s arrogance, meglomaniac way and shotty personnel decisions (can we say Billy Martin) were the primary reasons why the Yanks stunk in the 80s and early 90s.

    Joe Torre has been the savior of that team, his leadership is the reason why they have been a winning team and to fire him would have been a travesty.

    Joe Torre is a class act, deserves a spot in Monument Park and it’s a good thing he’s going to stay around for another year. Steinbrenner needs to say good-bye to A-Rod for the next season and rebuild his pitching…pitching is not what is was in the late 90s. Maybe then they’ll be able to bring a few more World Series trophies back to the Bronx.

  3. Ryan said

    Yes, but they haven’t really stunk since then. It could have been that Steinbrenner was creating the building blocks for the resumption of a storied successful franchise. We see that with football all the time.

    Some teams would kill just to make a Wildcard appearance. Yet, Yankee fans and the media are just not satisfied unless they make the World Series every year.

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