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OK Class, It’s Spelled T-R-E-A-S-O-N

Posted by Ryan on October 12, 2006

Adam Gadahn, formerly of the OC, is an American actively recruiting for al Qaeda in foreign lands as “Azzam the American.” So, a federal grand-jury moved forward in charging Gadahn with this thing called “treason.” He has left California and has become an al Qaeda hero for being an American AND for his justification for killing Americans. Watch his transition here (there are also further links to his actual taped speeches).

He is the first person officially charged by the US government with treason since 1952. Is this mere grandstanding since he’s apt never to come back here? Or is it sending a stern message to potential Californian terrorist-sympathizers here in the USA? Or maybe it’s showing that it’s just about time words mean things again in this country.

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