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Iran is Watching…

Posted by Ryan on October 17, 2006

…Watching the UN fail again on North Korea. A pundit on one of the talking head shows the other day said that this diplomatic mess with Iran and North Korea is the failure of the “multilateralism” of Bush’s second term. When we were “unilateral” (a term I can’t stand with 30+ nations having aided something to the Iraq effort), the President had success in setting the agenda and getting results on AQ Khan, Libya, and a “Coalition of the Willing” in Iraq. Since we’ve been primarily relying on the UN for action, dark clouds have converged over the Korean Peninsula and on the effort to calm Iran’s ambitions.


3 Responses to “Iran is Watching…”

  1. Chris said

    Great political cartoon!

    The UN is an absolute joke and the recent events further prove that theory. While an embargo/inspection of ships coming in to DPRK ports sounds like a good idea, not giving clear consequences as to what happens when the DPRK breaks the resolution (trust me, they will) is bad. They will walk all over this and continue to buy time while improving their technologies (while their people starve). Also, I don’t fully trust China…think about it…who is going to police China on whether or not they enforce an embargo/inspection of containers going over their border w/ DPRK?

    Right now, what needs to be done is the US needs to provide Japan, South Korea…and dare I say, Taiwan, with nuclear technology…it will allow those countries to be protected against a nuclear DPRK and also give notice that the US not going to put up with a rogue nuclear state…and countries that support it. Hopefully, China takes note, too.

  2. Ryan said

    I think that all the US needs to do is just threaten, or “leave on the table” the whole idea of providing that technology to Japan first. Then South Korea, then if China still doesn’t get it, simply say that Taiwan may also be interested in this kind of arms race. I think it’d work way before we’d get to Taiwan. Yet china needs to understand the gravity of the situation.

  3. rightonoz said

    Gotta worry about giving the technology to anyone.

    First it would make a joke of the US/UK/Australian stand on nuclear proliferation and makes the US no better than Pakistan. Sorry guys, saying we’re the good guys doesn’t make it right.

    Second, while those countries are fully in our court at the moment, anything can happen. Don’t always assume they’d be our friends either.

    Third, the threat to give that technology to Taiwan could be the button for an invasion. Let’s not go down that one. China would decimate any US fleet that tried to intervene (believe me, I know that for a fact, and I’m certain GWB does also) could wipe out the US in a nuclear exchange. Just remember the Chinese have a VERY different view of human life – execution for tax fraud!

    They could consider a situation where they and the US end up with 10% of their population surviving as a win to them. Hopefully not, but these guys have not shown logic at all times in the past.

    Having said all that, I hope like hell that the countries that have offered to police the maritime trade do so forcefully. I’m not totally certain the UN will fail on this.

    You’re right, Iran is watching!

    We may never agree on this, but I’d have much preferred to have had a good crack at Iran than Iraq.. The war on terror ended up focussed one country away from the right spot.

    Just to throw another juicy discussion point in, saw a well reasoned suggestion that the only way out of Iraq is to convince them to go down a Federation route. 3 Semi Independent states sharing the oil revenue.

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