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Dow Hits 12K–Eerie Quiet in Libtown

Posted by Ryan on October 19, 2006

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed above 12,000 today for the first time ever, making today’s close an all-time record. Generally, the DJIA is a stock market that throughout the entire Twentieth Century (especially the 1990s) was a barometer for economic health. Having hit a new high, this may be a good thing.

But, it’s election season.

So, some analysts can’t see passed gloomy points like “the market is looking past an economy that is still contracting.” Talk like this helps promote the liberal paradigm that Republican economic policies cannot produce anything good. If the Dow falls 200 points tomorrow the big story will be its fall, not its rise. Just like Bush and the Republicans always going down in the polls… but usually to the same bottom (some may infer that their numbers must have gone up to have fallen back down…hmm didn’t hear about that part).

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