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Levin May Have Elected Menendez. Does it Really Matter?

Posted by Mike on October 25, 2006

Last night, I listened to Mark Levin on WABC. Responding to a press release for Republican Senate candidate Tom Kean Jr. slandering Rush Limbaugh, Levin stated that he couldn’t vote for Kean. What followed was call after call from conservatives who intend, among other things, to stay home, write in Santorum (my favorite response), or simply leave the paradise that is New Jersey. Kean needs to reach out to the political center if he wants to win, but he also needs support from normal Americans. Levin may have convinced enough normal Americans to stay home. Menendez should be thrilled.

Levin acknowledged the bind in which NJ conservatives find themselves. The Democrat is a partisan, liberal crook. The Republican is RINO scum who obviously has no problem running to the nearest camera in Chuck Schumer fashion to criticize conservatives (falsely in this case) in a pathetic attempt to win the fawning admiration of the liberal media. New Jersey pubbies are in a difficult position. I’d probably stick with Kean because he supports tax cuts and the war in Iraq. That said, I understand Levin’s frustration.

Several in the leftist media claim that Rush Limbaugh mocked Michael J. Fox’s Parkinson’s disease on his program. This did not happen. Limbaugh simply argued that like so many others, Fox was being exploited as a victim and infallible human shield for a libeal point of view. Limbaugh was sympathetic. There was no mocking. For Kean to parrot this leftist line is despicable. Kean does not deserve to be a United States Senator. The trouble is, niether does Menendez.

3 Responses to “Levin May Have Elected Menendez. Does it Really Matter?”

  1. Chris said

    I honestly did not think that he’d be doing this well…could he win it? Maybe, but the sad fact is that he suffers from foot and mouth disease, biting the hand of his party in the same fashion as Chaffee and Specter.

    Thank you, Christie Whitman, for screwing up the NJGOP beyond repair. Republicans in this state have always been a little moderate (or loopy, depending on your take), but she ruined it for conservative Republicans (e.g. Schundler…but he also ruined it for himself), while indirectly ruining it for Repubicans, period, with her crazy drunken sailor spending. The NJ Republican Party suffers from a leadership vacuum and I really don’t think the State Senator from Westfield can save the NJGOP, win or lose.

    If Menendez does win, NJ politics are a step closer to Louisiana politics…something NOT to brag about.

  2. Ryan said

    Levin, Rush and Hannity have come out against Kean. Perhaps Kean could have had a shot, but blew it with the base– turnout is key in elections of late and Kean has slowly but surely gotten himself a loss.

    Gauvin noted the other day that the Republicans should have gone with Forester since he would have beaten scandal-ridden Torecelli back in the day and has a statewide base.

  3. Ryan said

    Latest Rasmussen poll has Kean and Menendez tied as of 10-28-06.

    But I don’t care too much. New Jerseyans seem to like a Torecelli-esque democratic automotan as their Senator (or governor).

    Plus a vote for Kean would not guarantee the Republican agenda is helped in any substantive way.

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