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Stick a Fork in Jim Webb

Posted by Mike on October 26, 2006

Tonight, Senator George Allen’s campaign issued a press release exposing Jim Webb’s sexually explicit writings. This race was over before the bombshell, but now it’s really over. The trouble for Mr. Webb lies not only in the sexually explicit nature of his writings, but also in the fact that some of the sexually graphic excerpts dealt with underage children. Click here for the story and excerpts on Drudge. (WARNING: if you think you understand the meaning of “twisted”, think again). This story raises several issues.

One issue concerns the media. These writings are from a published novel written by the candidate himself. Why haven’t we heard about these passages before? If some Republican candidate had written these passages, we would have heard about them decades ago. Their investigative journalism only applies to those on the right. The media managed to hunt down people who allegedly knew Allen as far back as the 1970s, but couldn’t find the time to simply open the book written by Webb. Their bias is mindboggling.

No worries though. George Allen has now proven that he is a serious contender for 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Sure he was a contender before but the Democrats have created a political force. Before this campaign even started, liberals hoped to weaken Allen’s Presidential ambitions by recruiting a pacifist war hero to give him a political dogfight.

As the campaign began, the Democrats flung every piece of sludge in their arsenal at Allen. First, they kidded themselves into thinking Allen’s macaca comment made Webb Senateworthy. Then they trotted out a liberal professor to claim that Allen used racial epithets in the 1970s, only to have the professor recant. Trouble then reared its ugly head for the libs when it turned out that Mr. Webb’s history of racial tolerance didn’t appear to be something to brag about. The tolerant liberals also thought they could turn Christian conservatives against Allen by bringing up his mother’s Jewish heritage as if it were relevant to the campaign. In response, Allen flashed his political brilliance by refocusing the campaign on the Democrats’ traditional weakness, issues. Now, we learn the Democrats’ latest war hero is also a twisted perv.

Allen always had the experience necessary to be President. He gained valuable executive branch experience as Governor of Virginia from 1994-1998. Following a successful stint as Governor, Allen challenged and defeated a powerful incumbent to become Virginia’s Senator in 2000. In 2004, Allen led the National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee, recruiting top-notch candidates and leading the Republicans to a 4-seat gain in the Senate, knocking off the Democrat party leader in the process. Now he will survive a smear campaign, proving he can handle whatever She Who Must Not Be Named is cooking up in her cauldron.

Allen is an optimistic and committed conservative who comes across well on television. In an effort to weaken him, Democrats nominated a monster. Unfortunately for them they also created a political monster. Hakuna Macaca!

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Jerry Agar: Worth a Shot

Posted by Mike on October 26, 2006

I’d like to recommend Jerry Agar’s radio show on WABC in New York City. He is a relatively new addition to the WABC lineup, broadcasting in the 8 PM timeslot. He replaced Laura Ingraham who was bumped to 10 PM. (dumb move WABC). Despite bumping Ingraham, Agar is worth a listen.

I especially appreciate Agar because in today’s climate, too many “conservatives” mistakenly believe they are conservative merely because they would tax less than Democrats, spend smaller amounts of other people’s money than Democrats, meddle in people’s lives less than Democrats, and socially engineer less than Democrats. Of course, taxing, spending, meddling and socially engineering in lower doses does not a conservative make. It merely makes on less arrogant and insane than Democrats. Not exactly something to brag about.

Agar is a different breed. He is a man with a unique familiarity with and understanding of conservatism. He explains the underlying conservative philosophy in a forceful and articulate manner, while honestly applying that philosophy to a given situation. It’s refreshing to hear conservative radio that rises above the tit-for-tat gotcha game that plagues even some of the best political broadcasts.

Most importantly, the show is entertaining. The topics are not stale, he is rude to liberals (although his rudeness is not as polished as Mark Levin’s, Agar is still entertaining) and his forceful style is refreshing.

Jerry Agar can be heard on WABC Monday through Friday at 8 PM. Give him a shot.

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