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Changing Tide?

Posted by Sal on October 31, 2006

Whether or not he ends up victorious, it is possible that the candidacy of Lt. Governor Michael Steele for the U.S. Senate may end up marking the beginning of a political shift in this country. Today, six prominent Maryland African American democrats endorsed Michael Steele for the U.S. Senate, stating that the Democratic party was taking the Black community for granted. The Democrats always count on the black vote, yet:

  • They have only elected two Black Senators in the history of their party (Carol Moseley Braun and Barack Obama), while the Republicans have elected three (Hiram Rhodes Revels, Blanche K. Bruce, and Edward W. Brooke), and if Michael Steele wins, four.
  • They are at odds with Black voters on one of the most important issues to Blacks, that of education
  • They are at odds on many moral issues that are important to African American Christians.
  • They had a chance to nominate an African American to oppose Michael Steele, but didn’t.

It is time the African American community came home to the party of their roots, the Party that abolished slavery, and the party that wants to give them the limitless opportunities that this country can offer them.

2 Responses to “Changing Tide?”

  1. Ryan said

    This could be a really big break for Michael Steele. Maryland has the countries largest percent black vote with 21%. They wholeheartedly and predictably vote Democratic. This changes that dynamic in a way the polls will not be able to indicate this close to the election. I have a funny feeling about this one. I hope it’s right!

  2. […] Jay Bryant at RealClearPolitics had an in-depth analysis of the Michael Steele endorsements which I wrote on yesterday. Bryant writes that it is a travesty that the party that proports to be the party of minorities, the party that receives 90%+ of the Black vote, has so few statewide and nationally-elected Black leaders. As Bryant concludes in his column: Michael Steele’s election as Lieutenant Governor of Maryland served to awaken black voters in that state to the fact that they were second-class citizens within their own party, and many of them are determined to send the party a message by voting for Steele this year. If he gets something like 25% of the black vote, he will probably win, and some polls showed him with that many even before the endorsement by Curry, et. al. The awakening that followed Steele’s election four years ago in Maryland will become national if he becomes a United States Senator. […]

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