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You Two Have Met, Right?

Posted by Ryan on November 5, 2006

Saddam’s going to die. Couldn’t have happened to a bigger [expletive], as we all agree he’ll rot in Hell after he swings from the gallow’s pole.

Of course, this will have Election 2006 fallout. While the Dems still want to scream about WMDs and Abu Graib, the specter of truth and reality sets in that even though WMD stockpiles have not been found, Saddam was still a mass-murderer. Bush could have sold the war on humanitarian issues alone, which doesn’t change the notion that when I hear people scream against the Iraq War, they are also inferring that mass-murder Saddam Hussein should:

  1. still be a mass-murderer in power plotting against the West and his neighbors,
  2. and that we should risk the destabilization of the current regime through their “premature evacuation” strategy.

It’s a morally difficult position for some. Not for me, though. I’d hate to think what its like being a “jail-bride” in Hell.

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