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European Liberal Loonies

Posted by Sal on November 10, 2006

Not two days after Rummy’s resignation, a group of Europeans is trying to bring him up on War Crimes charges in Germany. What gives Europeans the moral high-ground? Are they putting Al Sadir, Bin Ladin, or Sadaam on trial for war crimes? Have they brought suit against Hezbollah? The only thing more loony than the loony American left is the loony European left. The very idea of putting Rummy on trial for war crimes when there are so many real thugs out there who are guilty of war crimes, is a pathetic example of why European culture is on the decline.

I know there are good, common-sense Europeans out there; I just wish they’d assert themselves more.

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More Fallout

Posted by Ryan on November 10, 2006

Tuesday, the Democrats were able to beat Republicans without an agenda (very embarassing). Here’s some international and national fallout to think about:

  • Al-Qaeda is joyfully claiming to be winning the war because of the election results, saying they have a 12,000 person army to fight Americans on their way to blowing up the White House.
  • George McGovern is meeting with 62 “progressives” in Congress on how to cut-and-run in a Vietnam-style way.
  • Al-Qaeda is borrowing leftist talking points about a “lame-duck” Bush and knocking Rumsfeld.
  • Many in Europe are gloating, just two years after calling 62 million of us “dumb,” our intellectual superiors in Old Europe are lecturing us on Rumsfeld and America’s influence in the world,while doing nothing themselves but talk and obstruct. That’s not apt to change.
  • Arabs rejoice while some see this as justice being done (while so many of them have sat by and watched everything happen right next door without lifting a finger to help, and perhaps even supporting the violence).

Picture lifted from Rush.

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Why Liberals don’t believe in Democracy

Posted by Sal on November 10, 2006

The People’s Republic of Massachusetts has adjourned it’s legislative session without voting on a proposed ballot measure to define Marriage as between a man and a woman, after the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court forced the legislature to allow gay marriage in 2004.

No matter what one thinks of the issue, how can anyone argue that the people don’t have a right to vote on such a controversial issue? This is how the left consistently enacts unpopular policy. With Roe v. Wade in the 1970s, to this today, the courts have been used to thwart the will of the people.

If the ballot measure came up for a vote and lost, I’d accept defeat. I’d try to convince my fellow citizens that they were wrong, and bring it up for a vote again, but the people would have spoken. In the case we have today, the people of MA are being denied their say, and the MA legislatures are abandoning their constitutional duty to vote on the measure. As Gov. Mitt Romney said:

One hundred and seventy thousand citizens followed our Constitution’s process to petition government. They followed the prescribed process to place an item of importance before the voters. They asked for democracy. But today, by effectively avoiding the constitutionally required vote on same sex marriage, 109 legislators disgraced their oath of office. Each of them swore to follow the Constitution. The Constitution plainly states that when a qualified petition is placed before them, they “shall” vote. By not voting, we have witnessed the triumph of arrogance over democracy. Whether or not you favor same sex marriage, you should be very concerned that the rule of law and the sovereignty of the people have been trampled. I salute the 87 who voted for democracy, who voted to follow their oath of office.

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Steele for GOP Chair

Posted by Sal on November 10, 2006

Rumers are flying that with Ken Mehlman stepping down from his post of RNC chair, that Lt. Gov. Michael Steele, the Senatorial Candidate from Maryland, is being asked to become the new chair. This would be a great move. Steele is well-spoken, conservative, and a stark contrast to Howard Dean. Having him as the face of the Republican Party. He ran a very effective and hard-fought campaign in Maryland, and despite his loss, remains someone who could make political waves in years to come.

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Lincoln Chafee Post-Mortem

Posted by Sal on November 10, 2006

Gauvin, Ryan, and myself, having grown up in Rhode Island, are very familiar with the legacy of the Chafee family and Lincoln Chafee in particular.

Lincoln Chafee is stinging from his defeat in the Senatorial election, and blames the Conservative wing of the Republican Party for his defeat in an interview in today’s Providence Journal. Chafee is now contemplating switching parties, and a possible run for governor. Chafee finally comes out and says what we knew all along; Lincoln Chafee is a Rockefeller elitist Republican who has utter disdain for the direction his party has gone.

Lincoln D. Chafee yesterday said a lot of people had been coming up to him “and saying, ‘We’re sorry you lost, but glad the Congress switched’ ” from GOP to Democratic Party control. Asked if deep down, despite his personal disappointment about the outcome of Tuesday’s election, he felt the same way, Chafee looked into the TV cameras and said: “To be honest, yes.”

Well Linc, you got your wish. You will not be missed. Good riddance.

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