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The UN: Making the World Safer

Posted by Sal on November 22, 2006

Yesterday, a moderate-member of the Lebanese Government, Pierre Gemayel, was assassinated in Beirut by members of Hezbollah.  Hezbollah is using assassinations to attempt to force new elections in Lebanon.  In order for there to be new elections, a majority of ministers need to either have “resigned or been incapacitated.”  A week ago, six Hezbullah members of the government resigned, leaving two more vacancies needed to force elections.  One vacancy was created last night. 

If not for the UN, and the pressure from the “International Community”, Hezbollah would have been neutered in the war against Israel several months back.  Granted, Israel’s war plan was flawed, but they were making progress.  Now, all President Bush can do is warn Syria and Iran again for arming Hezbollah

But don’t fear!  The UN is sending more peace keepers and an International Tribunal to Beirut to calm tensions and to hold those responsible for the assassination accountable!  I feel safe now!   


One Response to “The UN: Making the World Safer”

  1. Ryan said

    More evidence of why going through the UN is pointless and even dangerous when real security issues are at stake. Long live the League of Nations!

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