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“Alcee” You in January?

Posted by Ryan on November 23, 2006

Congressman Alcee Hastings is trying to be the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee this January, bypassing the much more honest and deserving Jane Harmon for the post.  What’s bizarre about all this is that Harmon is trusted, well-liked and perceived as clean on Capitol Hill and, in saner times, would be a shoe-in for the job.  But, San Fran Nan would rather entertain Hastings for the job in a strategic blunder to rival the Murtha-Hoyer debacle.

Hastings was an impeached and convicted Carter-appointed federal judge in 1989 for soliciting bribes in cases dealing with mobsters.  Though cleared by a jury, they nonetheless recommended that this man’s public career be terminated by Congress, which did eventually happen (by the way the Dems controlled both houses of Congress back in 1989– just a thought).  Just the kind of guy who should handle actionable top-level intelligence matters if you’re one of today’s “new” Democrats. 

OK, think this through: “impeached”…”convicted by the Senate”…”Carter”…”Carter-appointed (shudder)”…”bribes”…”mobsters”… “intelligence committee chairman”.

Where, as a Democrat, do you stop and think “maybe we should tell Nancy to push Jane instead”?  I’d like to know.  I’d also like to know how this disgraced boob got into Congress in 1992 and has been reelected ever since. Wow… It’s gonna be a fun (or scary) 110th Congress if this is just the preview!


One Response to ““Alcee” You in January?”

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