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Krauthammer on Iraq

Posted by Sal on November 26, 2006

I just today stumbled across a week-old column by Charles Krauthammer which is worth a read.  In it, Krauthammer examines Iraq, the Bush Doctrine of fighting terror through the spread of Democracy, and the Arab world’s receptiveness to a Democratic state.  He examines the causes of failure in Iraq and why the country seems to be crumbling.  His answers are far from typical.  Krauthammer does not see the need for more troops, nor does he feel the original objective was a mistake.  He also does not buy into the notion that the Arab world is not culturally able to accept a democracy.  Rather, he looks at the political dynamics of the new Iraqi Government and the Shiite domination over the Sunni’s and Kurds. 

Despite what pundits try to say, the war in Iraq is over, and the casualty figure remarkably low.  (There were more deaths in post-WWII Germany in 1946-1947 than during the entire war in Iraq).  The reconstruction phase of the operation has been hampered tremendously by the lack of stability, and the Krauthammer column attempts to answer why.  Definately worth a read. 

One Response to “Krauthammer on Iraq”

  1. Ryan said

    I have to say that this article clearly articulates what Krauthammer has been saying for a long time on various shows and interviews.

    His essential message: the “failure” is now an Iraqi one, not an American one. That may sound like dodging the issue or desperate optimism, but it is essentially the Iraqi’s nation, and it is the Iraqis who will have to deal with how it turns out. I also agree that our pussy-footing around has hurt us rather than helped us. Al Sadr should be dead and the CPG failed in establishing security fast enough, and Iraqi enough back in 2003-04. Great article.

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