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Posted by Ryan on November 27, 2006

Iraqi President Talabani met with the Iranian puppet-man, I mean President Ahmadinejad, in an attempt to reach out to Iraq’s neighbor who is quite obviously fomenting and funding the sectarian violence and militias in Iraq. Talabani’s act simply makes sense– a sovereign and calculated act by an independent Iraqi government looking out for its own best interest.

In other news, Israeli Prime Minister Olmert is ready to reach out to the Palestinians and reach some kind of deal to ensure a continued ceasefire.

Meanwhile, the New York Slimes is saying, that Baker’s commission will suggest direct talks with Syria and Iran on stabilization in Iraq (yet another endoresement of the notion that Iran and Syria are substantively behind much of the violence in Iraq).

I think that these overt overtures by Iraq, Israel and potentially the US are all designed to mute any white noise in future negotiations if or when a US/Iran rapprochement were to take place. Just a hunch.

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Republicans Cause Decrease in Hurricanes

Posted by Sal on November 27, 2006

Earlier this year I posted an article in which former President Bill Clinton declared that Republicans caused increased hurricanes.  Well, Drudge linked today to a news story about how the Hurricane season was a complete bust this year.  There were no category 4 or 5 storms (for the first time in 9 years), there were only nine named storms (as opposed to the 17 predicted), of which only five were hurricanes.  Since Republicans were responsible for the increase in storms this year, then it must be fair to say that they have done a good job keeping the storms down.  Also, since Global Warming causes hurricanes, then Republicans must have solved that problem as well. 

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Seeking a Judicial Fiat

Posted by Sal on November 27, 2006

The American Left has always attempted to push its liberal agenda through the courts rather than through elected officials.  This is because the American people soundly reject liberalism whenever it is put forth in the Court of Public Opinion (this was one of the reasons for the 1994 electoral landslide the Republicans had). 

A new case is coming before the Supreme Court this week.  Unhappy with the Environmental policy of the Bush Administration, a group of environmental groups, states, and cities, are seeking the help of the Court to force the Bush administration to regulate the amount of Carbon Dioxide that comes from cars.  So much for trusting the “will of the people.”   

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