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Republicans Cause Decrease in Hurricanes

Posted by Sal on November 27, 2006

Earlier this year I posted an article in which former President Bill Clinton declared that Republicans caused increased hurricanes.  Well, Drudge linked today to a news story about how the Hurricane season was a complete bust this year.  There were no category 4 or 5 storms (for the first time in 9 years), there were only nine named storms (as opposed to the 17 predicted), of which only five were hurricanes.  Since Republicans were responsible for the increase in storms this year, then it must be fair to say that they have done a good job keeping the storms down.  Also, since Global Warming causes hurricanes, then Republicans must have solved that problem as well. 

2 Responses to “Republicans Cause Decrease in Hurricanes”

  1. Ryan said

    George Bush’s hurricane machine was on hiatus this fall because he was using that and lower gas prices to foment another Republican victory.

    Alas, that did not work. So look for sky-high oil and gas prices to keep his “Big Oil” friends happy and a renewed verve in the Atlantic hurricanes next year.

  2. S. Weasel said

    Silly! The Democrats won. Now everything’s coming up roses. No more hurricanes. Gas prices down. The homeless will go away again. We’re going to have two years of upbeat, happy news.

    Shoot, they don’t even have to take office first.

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