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Whitman Makes Sense, But Only in the Communist North

Posted by Mike on November 28, 2006

Former New Jersey Christie Whitman, who by default is looking better every day, argues that the Republican party cannot win another national election unless the party moves to the political center. She cites numerous moderate Republicans who were wiped out in a national Democrat wave to support her argument. Whitman could not be more wrong.

It’s telling that Whitman cites a Vermont Republican as a specific example. Admittedly, Whitman’s centrism is the most viable strategy in certain states, such as New Jersey, Vermont and others in the northeast. In those states, Republicans must distinguish themselves from their party on at least a couple of issues or have a really poor opponent if they hope to win. Not every state is going to elect a Tom Coburn. However, on a national stage, Republicans typically must run as conservatives if they hope to win.

My theory that successful Republicans run from the right while successful Democrats run form the center is based on the direction those candidates move in order to get to the political center. The positions which attract the most attention when a centrist candidate emerges are the issues where the candidate distinguishes himself from his party. When a Republican moves to the center, he moves left in order to get there. The newsworthy positions are the liberal ones. On the other hand, centrist Democrats who run to the center must run to the right in order to get there. Therefore, someone like Bill Clinton looks reasonable when his newsworthy policy positions are middle class tax cuts, the harmful effects of rap music, and ending welfare as we know it.

A look into history seems to support this theory. Nationally, Republicans who move to the center typically lose. Bob Dole, George H.W. Bush in 1992, and Gerald Ford are perfect examples. Republicans who run as conservatives typically win. George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush in 1988, and Ronald Reagan are perfect examples. It’s true that Democrats can only win in the center on a national level. Bill Clinton did so twice. John Kerry, Michael Dukakis, and Walter Mondale didn’t do so well.

Republicans in New Jersey should pay attention to Governor Whitman. For Republicans in most states and for those who hope to win a national election, there’s nothing to see here.

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Left’s Bigotry on Display Again

Posted by Mike on November 28, 2006

One of the recurring questions on talking-head television and in socialist rags is whether Mitt Romney’s Mormonism will hurt him among “evangelicals” in the Republican primary. This inquiry is evidence that the left simply does not understand the nation they hope to govern. Specifically, they do not understand practicing Christians, especially those who live in the South and vote Republican.

In 2004, a misstep that may have ultimately cost Kerry-Edwards the election was their calculated decision to repeat the fact that Mary Cheney is a lesbian. The thought process behind this was that since Republican voters overwhelmingly oppose gay marriage, they would be appalled at Mary Cheney’s sex life and stay home. This bigoted theory erroneously assumed that opposition to gay marriage was based on hate. The left just doesn’t understand that refusing to affirm what one believes is immoral is distinct from the love that Christians feel for sinners.

Somewhat related, Kerry later revealed an ignorance of another conservative voting bloc, hunters. In a hilarious attempt to win some hunting crossovers, Kerry donned camouflage to confuse the ducks in an upcoming duck hunt photo op. While applying for his license, Kerry asked in his best Cletus voice, “Can I get me a huntin’ license here?” Again, the thought process was that Southerners actually speak like Cletus. The left just doesn’t understand that a different accent is not a sign of a charming but inferior intelligence.

Here, the left is operating under an assumption that conservative voters will avoid Romney because he attends a different church. This will not matter. Conservative Christians are loving, charitable and friendly people without a bigoted bone in their bodies. If Romney fails to attract to conservative voters, it will not be because of theological differenes in a church that nevertheless opposes anything you would see in a Clinton White House. (I’ll avoid the laundry list). If Romney fails to attract conservative voters, it will be because of his late entry into the pro-life movement, his history of government activism in health care, or any other liberalism from his past which may surface. If Romney satisfies conservatives that he is in fact one of them, he will do well, Mormon or not.

This inquiry illustrates one of my maxims. Don’t believe anything the media says about religion or the religious.

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Posted by Sal on November 28, 2006

A few days ago, I reported on a story where the New York Times was requesting intervention from the SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) for subpoenas regarding classified leaks.  Well, today as reported by Michelle Malkin, in a one-sentence non-dissenting ruling, the court refused to grant a stay.  Now, the Times will be forced to reveal phone records that could show who in the government leaked classified information.  It is nice to see the NY Times Smacked-down!

While not precedent-setting, this could be the beginning of a trend that will allow prosecutors to seriously go after those who seek to thwart the government in the war on terror by leaking to the press.  The press does not and should not serve an essential “whistleblower” role when it comes to classified data.  There are channels to deal with potential abuses, such as the FISA court, the intelligence committees in the Legislative Branch, etc., but the media and public has no need to know about what is being done in this war on terror. 

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NBC Has Spoken. It’s Civil War.

Posted by Mike on November 28, 2006

With its credibility compromised and MSNBC ratings south of Hades, NBC has officially declared Iraq in a state of civil war. Who do they think they are, Walter Cronkite?

Like the liberal hack who occupied the SeeBS anchor chair for about a century, NBC seeks to undermine our war effort by asserting something contrary to fact. In Cronkite’s case, the Tet offensive was classified as a devastating defeat despite the fact that the U.S. won the battle. Without competition from alternative media, Americans mistakenly but understandably believed Cronkite, and support for the war plummeted just as the Communist North hoped it would. The rest was history. Here, NBC hopes for a similar result by classifying the Iraq war as a civil war and by extension, a defeat for U.S forces and their Commander in Chief.

The problem for NBC is that they and their dinosaur media colleagues have lost their monopoly. Unlike their beloved 1960s, people don’t swallow their “news” without question. Although some of their influence remains, bare assertions are no longer enough.

Having the good fortune of knowing a soldier who served in Iraq, I have seen evidence of support for our troops by both Sunni and Shite Muslims. Iraqis from both sects oppose the thugs terrorizing their country. As our troops continue to train Iraqis to clean their own swamp, the last thing the troops need is media telling the world and our enemies the war is lost, especially when it isn’t true.

Some terrorists in Iraq are independent contractors. Some are Iranians. Some are former Baathists. The terrorists in Iraq are not an organized faction. This is an essential element of civil war and it just isn’t there. The fact that NBC says it’s so doesn’t make it so.

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