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Left’s Bigotry on Display Again

Posted by Mike on November 28, 2006

One of the recurring questions on talking-head television and in socialist rags is whether Mitt Romney’s Mormonism will hurt him among “evangelicals” in the Republican primary. This inquiry is evidence that the left simply does not understand the nation they hope to govern. Specifically, they do not understand practicing Christians, especially those who live in the South and vote Republican.

In 2004, a misstep that may have ultimately cost Kerry-Edwards the election was their calculated decision to repeat the fact that Mary Cheney is a lesbian. The thought process behind this was that since Republican voters overwhelmingly oppose gay marriage, they would be appalled at Mary Cheney’s sex life and stay home. This bigoted theory erroneously assumed that opposition to gay marriage was based on hate. The left just doesn’t understand that refusing to affirm what one believes is immoral is distinct from the love that Christians feel for sinners.

Somewhat related, Kerry later revealed an ignorance of another conservative voting bloc, hunters. In a hilarious attempt to win some hunting crossovers, Kerry donned camouflage to confuse the ducks in an upcoming duck hunt photo op. While applying for his license, Kerry asked in his best Cletus voice, “Can I get me a huntin’ license here?” Again, the thought process was that Southerners actually speak like Cletus. The left just doesn’t understand that a different accent is not a sign of a charming but inferior intelligence.

Here, the left is operating under an assumption that conservative voters will avoid Romney because he attends a different church. This will not matter. Conservative Christians are loving, charitable and friendly people without a bigoted bone in their bodies. If Romney fails to attract to conservative voters, it will not be because of theological differenes in a church that nevertheless opposes anything you would see in a Clinton White House. (I’ll avoid the laundry list). If Romney fails to attract conservative voters, it will be because of his late entry into the pro-life movement, his history of government activism in health care, or any other liberalism from his past which may surface. If Romney satisfies conservatives that he is in fact one of them, he will do well, Mormon or not.

This inquiry illustrates one of my maxims. Don’t believe anything the media says about religion or the religious.

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