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NBC Has Spoken. It’s Civil War.

Posted by Mike on November 28, 2006

With its credibility compromised and MSNBC ratings south of Hades, NBC has officially declared Iraq in a state of civil war. Who do they think they are, Walter Cronkite?

Like the liberal hack who occupied the SeeBS anchor chair for about a century, NBC seeks to undermine our war effort by asserting something contrary to fact. In Cronkite’s case, the Tet offensive was classified as a devastating defeat despite the fact that the U.S. won the battle. Without competition from alternative media, Americans mistakenly but understandably believed Cronkite, and support for the war plummeted just as the Communist North hoped it would. The rest was history. Here, NBC hopes for a similar result by classifying the Iraq war as a civil war and by extension, a defeat for U.S forces and their Commander in Chief.

The problem for NBC is that they and their dinosaur media colleagues have lost their monopoly. Unlike their beloved 1960s, people don’t swallow their “news” without question. Although some of their influence remains, bare assertions are no longer enough.

Having the good fortune of knowing a soldier who served in Iraq, I have seen evidence of support for our troops by both Sunni and Shite Muslims. Iraqis from both sects oppose the thugs terrorizing their country. As our troops continue to train Iraqis to clean their own swamp, the last thing the troops need is media telling the world and our enemies the war is lost, especially when it isn’t true.

Some terrorists in Iraq are independent contractors. Some are Iranians. Some are former Baathists. The terrorists in Iraq are not an organized faction. This is an essential element of civil war and it just isn’t there. The fact that NBC says it’s so doesn’t make it so.

3 Responses to “NBC Has Spoken. It’s Civil War.”

  1. Salinger said

    Unfortunately, I am less confident about the waning influence of the Drive-By Media than I was a couple of months ago. The Democrats should not have won that election. They offered no ideas, no plans, just hate. The media focused on Republican scandals (ignoring Democrat scandals), severely talked down the economy, and caused popular support for the war to plummet. At least now the Drive-by media has competition, but we have a long way to go until they are rendered irrelevant and their words lose their force with the American people.

  2. Ryan said

    I agree that NBC is looking for ratings at the expense of national security, undoubtly getting their cue from the New York Slimes. The MSM is not dead in their influence.

    However, IF (note the “if”!) a full-fledged civil war breaks out then our role in Iraq fundamentally changes. At that point it is not our war anymore. Then, the Vietnam analogies will kick in with justification.

    Yet, this time, we cannot just abandon Iraq. Perhaps we can give the government logistical and air support, wiping out al-Sadr, and the Syrians and Iranians at the border that we’re too afraid to carpet bomb now. It could give us an out AND an advantage, while accelerating the stabilization of the area given the current track.

  3. Gauvin said

    Six year off years Salinger. Historically, those elections have never been about ideas or plans. It’s fatigue from those in power. It happens here and in parliamentary systems. Their election was actually pretty average.

    My point was they can no longer rely on bare assertions. That is true. I never said irrelevant.

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