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Appeasement in the Air

Posted by Ryan on November 29, 2006

Mahmoud and Talabani reached a security “agreement” today whose details will be released sometime soon.  I’m all for Iraq making deals that it thinks is important, but Iran cannot be trusted.  Iran is plainly running for regional hegemon.  Only the American presence in Iraq, Israel’s continued existence, and that pesky nuclear issue gets in Mahmoud and the Mullah’s way.

At the same time an article by Dick Morris makes a very good point about modern appeasement. According to Morris, Baker’s bipartisan (I’m already suspicious) commission may ask for direct talks with the Axis of Evil.  We would be clearly selling out our principles unless these talks revolved around transparent nuclear inspections, ending all nuclear development, stopping their support for Hezbollah and the Mahdi Army, and warning of “serious consequences” if those conditions are not met… then only then will we talk.  The problem is that this Administration does not have the political will to do so.

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Frist is Out

Posted by Mike on November 29, 2006

Out of the 2008 Presidential race that is.  The outgoing Senate Majority leader, known affectionately to conservatives as “limp Frist” for his cowardice in the face of liberal blabber, has declared that he will not run for President in 2008.  This is great news.

I was a fan of the Senator for a long time.  A virtual unknown in 1994, Frist ran a folksy campaign to upset incumbent Senator Jim Sasser, a well-known and powerful liberal in love with tax increases.  In 2002, he chaired the National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee, leading Republicans back into the Senate majority.  The guy knew how to win.  However, something funny happened on the way to the White House.

As Senate Majority leader, Frist was ineffective.  He was unable to unify Republicans in support of the President’s social security reforms.  He was unable to pass legislation making the President’s tax cuts permanent (you didn’t expect Bush to do the work did you?).  He allowed drunken-sailor-level spending to continue unabated.  He let McCain run the show on judicial nominations with the Gang of 14.

Frist’s worldview is fine.  He’s just not a leader.  Now what little support he had can migrate to a viable conservative.

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Schumer Attempts to Bury Reagan Legacy

Posted by Mike on November 29, 2006

Chuck Schumer has declared an end to Reaganomics.  In terms of policy, Schumer is dead wrong.  Reaganomics is alive and well, hence our current prosperity.  As it relates to the 2006 election, Schumer is right.  Unfortunately it was the Republicans who killed it.  Since President Bush’s re-election, there has been no ongoing defense of our noble war effort, no further tax relief, no serious attempt to make the prior tax cuts permanent, and spending is through the roof.  The only repeat performance from the Reagan years was a pathetic attempt at amnesty.  I doubt Reagan would grant amnesty under present circumstances.  Reagan’s political legacy is not looking too good right now.

Thankfully, the Reagan legacy is like a phoenix.  It burns to ashes at some points (1992, 1996) only to return again (1994, 2000).  It’s a shame that we just saw the Reagan legacy on a burning day.

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Justice is Blind

Posted by Sal on November 29, 2006

Watch out America, your currency will be changing yet again.  Federal Judge James Robertson (a Clinton Appointee, of course) has ruled that the current currency system in America discriminates against blind people, because they cannot tell different denominations of bills is which.  The judge feels it is “reasonable” for the government to do something to make it easier (i.e. a raised number or letter, different sizes, etc.).  Besides costing billions to implement, this will ripple through the vending machine industry and indirectly cost Americans even more.  Electronic devices are already available to assist blind people in identifying bills.  This, apparently, was not enough for Judge Robertson, who argued that since all 180 other countries that produce currency have different sizes or textures, that the U.S. should as well.  I have no beef against someone who is blind, but the idea that the country needs to fundamentally change to accommodate every conceivable disability is both insane and impossibly complex. 

While we are at it, we should do something about NPR.  NPR, a government-funded radio network, discriminates against deaf people.  We need to create and distribute for free a radio teleprompter that allows deaf people to see what is being said on NPR. 

This is another example of a Federal Judge ignoring common sense, taking the law beyond what it was ever intended to provide, and writing his own law based on other nations and his own personal opinion.  This is why judges matter. 

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