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Appeasement in the Air

Posted by Ryan on November 29, 2006

Mahmoud and Talabani reached a security “agreement” today whose details will be released sometime soon.  I’m all for Iraq making deals that it thinks is important, but Iran cannot be trusted.  Iran is plainly running for regional hegemon.  Only the American presence in Iraq, Israel’s continued existence, and that pesky nuclear issue gets in Mahmoud and the Mullah’s way.

At the same time an article by Dick Morris makes a very good point about modern appeasement. According to Morris, Baker’s bipartisan (I’m already suspicious) commission may ask for direct talks with the Axis of Evil.  We would be clearly selling out our principles unless these talks revolved around transparent nuclear inspections, ending all nuclear development, stopping their support for Hezbollah and the Mahdi Army, and warning of “serious consequences” if those conditions are not met… then only then will we talk.  The problem is that this Administration does not have the political will to do so.

One Response to “Appeasement in the Air”

  1. Rightonoz said

    Hi Ryan,

    While I agree partly, I do believe one of the failings of the Bush administration has been their refusal to talk to opponents, except on their own terms. This has allowed (encouraged) Kim to continue building nuclear technology, same with Iran, Syria/Iran have continued to interfer in Lebanon (and gained significant leverage in the region) and the Palestinians sink deeper into the mud.

    Sometimes it pays to sit down without preconditions, discuss then if seeing no meaningful movement quietly lean across the table, look them in the eye and bluntly warn of the consequences. Public statements of potential consequence do not carry near as much weight as looking into their eye’s and letting them see the commitment to carry out the threat. I believe one of your great presidents said ”… and carry a big stick… I’d only add carry a F…ing BIG STICK. Let them know the direst consequences and don’t wave it unless you’re going to carry through the threat.

    As Bush’s second term enters it’s decline, I am convinced that his foriegn policy has been a disaster. Conflicts and humanitarian crises that cried for decisive action have been all but ignored in the pursuit of the Iraq debacle. (I know we disagree on it’s need, but I do believe we agree it’s been less than sucessful).

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