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Schumer Attempts to Bury Reagan Legacy

Posted by Mike on November 29, 2006

Chuck Schumer has declared an end to Reaganomics.  In terms of policy, Schumer is dead wrong.  Reaganomics is alive and well, hence our current prosperity.  As it relates to the 2006 election, Schumer is right.  Unfortunately it was the Republicans who killed it.  Since President Bush’s re-election, there has been no ongoing defense of our noble war effort, no further tax relief, no serious attempt to make the prior tax cuts permanent, and spending is through the roof.  The only repeat performance from the Reagan years was a pathetic attempt at amnesty.  I doubt Reagan would grant amnesty under present circumstances.  Reagan’s political legacy is not looking too good right now.

Thankfully, the Reagan legacy is like a phoenix.  It burns to ashes at some points (1992, 1996) only to return again (1994, 2000).  It’s a shame that we just saw the Reagan legacy on a burning day.

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One Response to “Schumer Attempts to Bury Reagan Legacy”

  1. Ryan said

    Ronald “Fawkes” Reagan articulated a great economic theory– the suppply-side approach to business and industry. Stimluating the economy, lowering inflation, allowing more personal choice via 401ks, etc. and instilling an anti-gov’t intrusion ethic are things still alive and well today amongst many.

    Then, as today, we must realize that all of these things are fine and are gang-busters for the economy, but NEED to go along with spending cuts! Chucky Schmucky, like San Fran Nan, is overstepping, overreaching and overcompensating for his party’s political shortcomings with anti-Reagan statements like these.

    Apparently Reaganism is dead, but the New Deal is still in full force? What decade is this man living in? Resurrecting the “New Deal paradigm” in 2006 seems a lot like mentioning the merits of 1870s-80s market practices in January 1930. It’s so out of touch that it’s funny. The New Deal Keynesian approach to economics has been debunked and graciously marginalized for nearly 30 years. Schmucky’s playbook went out with the Great Society. I think he’s just being a “nyah-nyah” jerk.

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