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A War of Movement?

Posted by Ryan on November 30, 2006

The Bush-Maliki summit produced an encouraging sign today: the Prime Minister said that the US has been slow in giving him his tools, so we’re going to speed things up in order to transfer security details ASAP.

Bush has been saying that ever since January 2005, the US military remained in Iraq at the behest of the Iraq government. This summit shows that the Iraqi government now definitely wants us to leave, just not until they’re ready to handle security.  It’s good to see some reciprocity from Maliki.  Like Bush, Maliki needs to accelerate the plan due to domestic pressure.  I just hope this isn’t just talk or done so sloppily that we leave Iraq in incapable hands.  I’d hate to leave Iraq, then have to send the troops back in 5-10 years because we messed up due to political expediency and short-sightedness.

AFP/File photo.

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