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Litvinenko Update

Posted by Mike on December 2, 2006

I decided not to post every time there’s something new in the Alexander Litvinenko poisoning, but enough has happened since my last post to justify this one. We now know that Litvinenko was poisoned with the radioactive material, polonium-210, a poison which seems to be popping up all over London. We also know that Mario Scaramella, the Italian who met Litvinenko at the sushi restaurant where Litvinenko was poisoned, was also exposed to polonium.

The suspicion on both sides of this story continues to fascinate. Pat Buchanan offers a compelling argument that President Putin is being set up by his political enemies. Others are troubled by Putin’s consolidation of power and growing list of enemies assuming room temperature. One thing is for certain. The poisonings are not random. According to sources from the Guardian, the polonium dose which killed Litvinenko costs about 20 million pounds. (I know, Guardian kook alert, but hey, we’re talking about Russian spies dropping dead from polonium poisoning and whether it is the Vladimir Putin, high-level Putin supporters, or an intricate conspiracy involving high-level Putin opponents attempting to frame the Kremlin that is responsible. We can read the Guardian this once). This isn’t an enterprise for the average low-rent criminal. Deep-pocketed individuals with a high-stakes interest in Russian affairs are clearly responsible for this one.

If that wasn’t enough, several sources also report that Scaramella had only water at the restaurant while Litvinenko was dining on polonium-210. However, according to Scaramella, the purpose of the sushi bar meeting was to warn Litvinenko that both were on a hit list created by Russian intelligence. Serious accusations are flying from both sides. Putin might want to get the bottom of this. Or does he?

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