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David Cameron’s First Year

Posted by Mike on December 4, 2006

David Cameron is receiving mixed reviews one year into his stint as leader of the British Conservative party. The good news for Mr. Cameron is that for the first time in a decade, his party has a legitimate chance of winning the next election. However, despite his party’s improved political position, Cameron is having trouble keeping his own party’s voters on board. A recent focus group of swing voters conducted by Frank Luntz highlights Cameron’s standing.

In my opinion, evaluating Cameron begs the question: At what price is victory no longer worth it? If politics is nothing but a team sport, Cameron’s new direction is definitely worth it. However, if the goal of politics is to propose and implement policies conservatives agree with, then a Cameron-led government implementing left-wing policies is probably worthless. The answer to that question is ultimately up to our British friends. At this point, it appears that conservative voters recognize the price tag that comes with this kind of victory. Luntz’s focus group uncovered the dynamic Cameron faces:

Something stark is becoming apparent: Cameron is inspiring the most admiration among those who usually tend towards Labour, the Lib Dems or minority parties or who didn’t vote at the last election. He provokes the most critical comments from those who most frequently vote Tory.

When asked whether Cameron should remain party leader, the group came up with an interesting answer.

Nevertheless 13 say they want him to remain leader of the party, with only three saying they want a change (they are the more Tory leaning of the group and their preferred candidate is William Hague)

Hopefully this is the first sign that my prediction is coming true.

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