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Novak Political Tidbits

Posted by Sal on December 4, 2006

Robert Novak often has many political tidbits of information that cannot be found anywhere else.  I came across his column this morning, and each item piqued my interest.  The full column can be found here.  To summarize: 

  • Incoming Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is shortening the time of Senate recesses to one week, in hopes of curtailing recess appointments of judges.  This could spark a revolt from Senators to have their breaks cut short. 
  • Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA), as chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, is trying to tell Republicans who their ranking member should be.  Republicans have appointed Rep. Richard Baker (R-LA), rated as the 17th most conservative member of the house and to the right of people like Mike Pence and John Shaddigg.  Frank wants the less senior and moderate Rep. Spencer Bauchus (R-AL), rated # 78 in Conservatism.  So Frank now wants to tell the Republicans what to do.  The Republicans would be well advised to laugh at him for this. 
  • Former Oklahoma Gov. Frank Keeting is considering a Presidential bid to try to fill the void of the clear Conservative candidate left by George Allen. 
  • The Republican Study Committee, which is the Conservative Caucus of the House Republicans, is having a leadership battle.  A Conservative Reformer Rep. Jeff Hensarling (R-TX) is being challenged by a pork-barrel spender Rep. Todd Tiahrt (R-KS).  The Republicans need to ensure strong leadership that can control spending and should not, under any circumstances, have a pork-barrel proponent in its Conservative leadership post. 
  • “Emily’s List”, a radical pro-abortion lobby which supports female candidates for office who are unabashedly pro-abortion, had targeted 19 Republican districts for pickups and spent $1.5 million.  They won only two, and those were in problem Republican districts.  In a year inherently favorable to Democrats, it shows that the Pro-Abortion line does not win elections. 

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