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Sad day for America

Posted by Sal on December 4, 2006

U.N. Ambassador John Bolton submitted his resignation today, due to the fact that his recess appointment ends in January, and his nomination shows little sign of passage in the Senate (thanks to Lincoln Chaffee). 

It is very unfortunate as Bolton was strategically and quietly working on reforms within the U.N., and now that work is unfinished.  It’s a sad day for America and American politics that a man of his credentials and talent was taken down in such a manner. 

3 Responses to “Sad day for America”

  1. Ryan said

    Bush has little or no power left if he does not want to at least threaten a fight on John Bolton. I smell “new tone” garbage reeking from the “bad-idea” dumpster ’round back.

  2. Salinger said

    The worst part about it is that there are rumors that his replacement is going to be former Democrat Leader Sen. George Mitchell. The last two years of the Bush Presidency are turning into a disaster.

  3. Ryan said

    George Mitchell? George Mitchell! Why doesn’t Bush just change his party ID and be done with it. Then we’d know what to expect. Bob Gates seems OK for now, but to replace the great John Bolton with a weak-kneed, former Democratic majority leader who’s written books contradicting Bush’s alleged worldview.

    Does Bush WANT to go down as a Republican pariah? If he goes through with Mitchell, that’s what he’d become to many. Given everything else he’s done to irk the right (Harriet Myers anyone?), he’s not only a lame duck, he is, as Salinger said, a political disaster.

    The last thing I want is another Bush to ruin the party’s cahnces for another eight years after he leaves.

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